Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Saradise Lost - Book 5 - Chapter 35: How's Sarah Going to Beat Huckabee's Israel Statements?

First of all, what a series of dumb statements in this clip:

Jonathan Pollard compromised our launch codes for Europe-based Pershing missiles to the Israelis, who sold them to the Soviet Union. That alone should be enough to keep him in prison for his entire life. His statements in Israel, which are in opposition to the positions of every American president since Lyndon Johnson, regarding the occupied West Bank, are typical of right-wing Evangelical Christians when they go to Israel or the occupied territories. Huckabee has been to Israel 15 times now, so he's probably made similar statements in the past.

Here's a clip of Evangelical Christian coverage of his trip and his statements:

Some of my Palestinian friends can date their family's residence in Palestine back to the time of the Phoenicians. Some are Christian. Some are Muslim. The only solution to this seemingly intractable set of problems, at least in my view, is a one-state, secular solution. I hate governments that give one religion priority over others. Including mine, when it comes to this.

Palin is going to Israel in late winter or early spring. She's going to have to be even more over-the-top on these same issues than Huckabee to gain back the inroads into her base base he has made with this trip. What's she going to do?

Accuse Obama of being a Communist for not nominating Jonathan Pollard for a Presidential Medal of Freedom?

Demand the Arab nations accept the entire Palestinian populations from the West Bank, Gaza and Israel itself, or be nuked?

Who knows what she will propose. Meanwhile, expect her to announce the formation of her exploratory committee for the 2012 presidential race very soon.

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Anonymous said...

RIght on Phil, Palin and Huckabee are absurd — and dangerous. And as to Pollard, he should be in jail.

As to Palin's possible take on this? You are beyond cynical. And I am right there with you.