Saturday, February 26, 2011

Wisconsin Police Refuse to Close Capitol - Join Protesters!

Undoubtedly, Gov. Muammar Scott Walker is unhappy with this turn of events.

Here's Jeff Skiles, co-pilot of the plane that miraculously ditched in the Hudson River two years ago, addressing the other union workers in the snow in Madison:


Anonymous said...

I think that it is good that the capitol is remaining open.


You said:
"Undoubtedly, Gov. Muammar Scott Walker is unhappy with this turn of events."

Come on, that's silly. Walker is NOT Khadaffi. There's a saying that whenever you bring up the name Hitler to make a point, you've lost the argument. Same applies here.

People across the world are protesting against repressive governments.

Wisconsin is about perpetuating some of the nonsense that leads to oppressive government (out ofr control spending, taxation, regulation, on and on).

Public employee unions have a stranglehold on government finances, and this nation and its states are heading towards a financial brick wall.

Who are public employees unionized against? The taxpayer? The public? Big Government, which they support politically?

I would love to go to WI to counter-protest.

I'll be there when the SSEIU thugs come to my area, when the public employee union thugs come to intimidate the public into giving them more milk money. Count on it.

Boo-hoo. They have to pay into their pensions and medical insurance now. They may have to earn their pay increases, instead of relying on collective bargaining. Welcome to the real world.

Anonymous said...

An accurate summary of the slavery being fought in Wisconsin, found here

Philip Munger said...


Cute animation. Muammar was snark, in case you missed it.

Anonymous said...

Public employees are taxpayers too. I haven't seen any mention of union "thugs" in WI except by people like you who are imagining them. This protest is peaceful and there are more than union people there protesting in favor of the public employees. Wisconsin public employees pay %100 of their pension, the state pays none. The unions bargain with the state for all their benefits and the state did a lousy job at it when it came to medical benefits. All they have to do is renegotiate the contracts, it isn't that difficult and is done all the time to reflect changing economic situations.
Patriots don't call themselves Patriots any more than Heroes call themselves Heroes.

Anonymous said...

Walker needs a visit from Lorenna Bobbitt!!