Thursday, February 10, 2011

20 Million May Take to the Streets in Egypt This Weekend

The kid on the left holds a sign saying "Go!, I want to get back to my classes." The one on the right is in Hebrew, Arabic and texting. It says "Go, in the language of your Beloved."

My favorite comment today from Cairo was by blogger Sarah Habas:
It's not Facebook, or Twitter, or the Muslim Brotherhood, or the middle class, or Iran, Hezbollah, Hamas, the CIA, Mossad, Saudi, the PA, Timbuktu OR the illuminati! Read the signs - aren't there enough? This uprising has one single goal - the removal of Mubarak and his regime, and nothing less than that. Mubarak himself says he's "fed up" with being president. One of many running jokes on the streets here in Cairo suggests that any day now he might just self-immolate in protest! Perhaps we could all calm down and review the symptoms before, next thing we know, the Haitians are being accused of financially backing this uprising!
This is beginning to look like the most momentous political upheaval since the road from Poland's Solidarity movement and Helsinki Watch led to Boris Yeltsin on that tank turret outside of the Russian parliament building.


AKjah said...

Ya know i was wondering where all those billions for Haite went. Right about now AJE should be interesting. My hopes are set a bit high but i still hope. The Egyptians will prove that it can be done.

Anonymous said...

Mubarak stepped down.