Sunday, February 13, 2011

Washington University Students Discussing Bristol Palin's Proposed Appearance There for Teen Pregnancy Conference

The blog Perez Hilton did a good job describing the Bristol Palin - Washington University mutual cancellation:

When the Student Health Advisory Committee of Washington University was granted $20,000 in funding to book a panel of speakers for their students, the group decided they would blow the whole kit and caboodle on one person: Bristol Palin, the voice of reason.

You’ll recall that Bristol is the Teen Abstinence Ambassador for the Candie’s Foundation and she’s often touring around the country, unsuccessfully urging teens to learn from her mistake decisions. This decision to include her in the panel ignited backlash almost instantaneously from students who didn’t feel like their money was being spent wisely. During one protest, students carried around signs that read. “Can I get paid for an accident too?”

Then, word reached Private Practice star Kate Walsh, who is an active member of the Planned Parenthood Federation of America and she took to her Twitter to urge W.U. students to protest even harder! She tweeted:

“Welcome to the Idiocracy! RT @elliekirsh: @katewalsh please join students at Wash.U. to boycott Bristol Palin's speech on abstinence. What does she know about college or abstaining?”

So now, after all the hullabaloo, the school issues a statement announcing Bristol was officially uninvited to the school’s function. The statement the school issued reads:

"The student group that invited Bristol Palin to come to Washington University in St. Louis has mutually agreed with her not to proceed with a contract regarding Palin’s participation in a panel discussion at Washington University on Feb. 7. Because of the growing controversy among undergraduates over the decision to pay for her talk with student-generated funds, the Student Health Advisory Committee and Palin decided that the message that they intended on sharing would be overshadowed by controversy.”

You’d think she’d be used to that by now, Her whole life has been overshadowed by controversy.

What appears to be a campus youtube channel at WU just posted a video of parts of the meeting at which the school's student senate was told of Palin's probable hire to speak. It is heavily edited. I suppose they did a good job, but some will complain.


Anonymous said...

Where is that picture from? Bristol looks pregnant.

Anonymous said...

There goes Bristol's one opportunity to say that she had anything to do with higher learning.

She could have put, "attended Washington University," on her resume, Sarah Palin style.

She just had to go an burn that bridge too though, in saying all college was was frat parties and morning after regrets - she didn't have to go to college for that lifestyle. She's a household name because she did that all on her own without stepping foot on the hallowed grounds of post-secondary education.

Teachable moment? Not for a Palin.

Anonymous said...

Isn't that a picture from her Haiti much!

Anonymous said...

Well, it was nice listening to some intelligent young folks debate an issue. Bristol and her mom aren't at all familiar with discussing issues. They much prefer to criticize from afar, throw out catch phrases, and ignore reason. Cowards.

Better keep Bristol out of halls of education and keep her in churches where faith can totally disregard reason and intelligence. Yep, palinbots have faith that Bristol is the daughter of their savior Sarah, and any crap that Bristol pulls is easily forgivable and quickly forgotten.

Anonymous said...

What's with the finger clicking to express approval?
Is that a ubiquitous thing, or something unique to WU?

Ennealogic said...

I am so proud of those young people. UW should be proud too.

And I thought the snapping was terrific...!

Anonymous said...

Bristol in her E! Entertainment interview said she never agreed to go to the event. WTF? Why do Sarah and her Mini-me insist on lying when it is so easy to fact check them? Sarah supposedly takes to Twitter and Facebook to post, but clearly this is a lie too. Because had she known how to use either of them, she would realize that you can't hide from the truth via the internet.

Anonymous said...

It is all about Google click. Dont click on anything with SP or her spouse/children's/grand child's name. Dont blog with their full name.