Wednesday, February 2, 2011

BDS Bieber

I'm getting ready to challenge Alaska AIPAC head, David Gottstein, to a debate at the Bartlett Club this spring on BDS.

Bubble gum pop phenom Justin Bieber agreed late last year to an Israel tour. I'm sure there are a lot of people hoping he will stay there a long time.

Here's a compelling video on his move:

And here's an Israeli-produced interview with Bieber from last year:

I'm in favor of boycotting Israeli products tied to the occupation of the West Bank or are tied of support of egregious practices by Israel and its military, but am reluctant to be totally critical of artists who perform in Israel.


Anonymous said...

are there any alaska blogs covering alaska issues?

I went through that supposed list of blogs and most of them are dead links to dead blogs or inactive blogs. Of the few that actually are active, about 3 or 4, all they want to talk about is Palin.

I'm wondering where the Alaska issues are being discussed.

Yes, I could write my own blog. But that doesn't answer the basic question of who is paying attention to current issues.

Palin and posting of other people's blog posts is about all I see and it looks like more of an entertainment circus and less like anyone really is interested in moving forward on Alaska issues.

We have Pebble staring us in the face, Chuitna, Bill Popp is inviting petrochemical industries to build their toxic source point plants in Alaska, Sean Parnell attempting to hand out billions in corporate welfare, the legislature is working up morality controls, death penalty legislation, they're talking about cutting senior benefits, and trying to stop health care reform, and that's just a scratch of the surface of what is being totally ignored.

Yes, the world is full of ready made outrage and endless pre-canned punditry and there's loads of tabloid sensationalism.

Where in Alaska is the focus on Alaska? It's a simple question.

Justin Bieber? I guess........

Philip Munger said...

anon @ 2:37 - John Aronno @ The Alaska Commons has posted a great article about the most recent Anchorage Assembly meeting. If you're the same person who wrote about this yesterday, once again, this is a free country, and nobody's stopping you from starting your own blog, or from writing your own essay and submitting it here or elsewhere.

Anonymous said...

You know, I already acknowledged that yes, it is a free country and I could start my own blog.

That you continue to use that as more of an excuse to dismiss or marginalize those who ask you very simple questions, that makes me wonder about what level of insecurity drives you to be so puerile and disparaging in your treatment of others.

I asked the questions not because I thought I needed you to act as a surrogate father figure for me who might authoritatively wag his finger and cluck, I asked because I thought maybe it would be received with some small amount of cognitive comprehension and in return I'd receive some actual cogent communication at least touching on some points I raised.

Must be something that happens to people who dwell too long in the embrace of celebrity and ephemera. Paranoid and defensive to a fault. Must be maybe a symbiotic reaction.

Maybe you should take some little bit of your precious time and get rid of all the dead links and inactive links on your page and think about linking to the Alaska Commons.

AKjah said...

Kinda touchy Anon don't you think! Wonder how he/she missed all the links on the right? One can speak and write clearly but that must be backed up with clear thought processes.

Anonymous said...

Try all the links on the right. Most are dead or inactive. The few that are active are rarely focused on anything they create themselves. It's an echo fest of Palin or it's repeats of trivia.

While you're wrestling with your thought processes, you might have recognized I already mentioned the woeful state of those links on the right? Or were you not clear about what it is you only thought you might have been addressing?

Anonymous said...

Click here:

A group of young Israelis has produced a music video calling on artists to resist the Israel BDS movement (boycott, divestment and sanctions) The new lyrics to the Macy Gray song "I Try" asks to reach out to Israelis and understand that communication and engagement is the only path that could ever lead to peace.