Saturday, February 5, 2011

Saradise Lost & Found© - Chapter 17: The Quitter at the Reagan Ranch, Performs Unnatural Acts in Public

Part One:

Part Two:

Gryph at The Immoral Minority has more.

And at Politics USA, they aren't praising this lame, self-centered speech. Here's the headline:

On His Birthday, Sarah Palin Sodomizes the Legacy of Ronald Reagan

Their thorough deconstruction of Palin's rant ends with this:

Tonight Sarah Palin didn’t celebrate the legacy of Ronald Reagan. She sodomized it with a snarl, a wink, and a smile.

The greatest disservice of all to Ronald Reagan’s legacy came in the form of having a speaker like Sarah Palin who represents everything Ronald Reagan rejected. Even on a stage designed to honor Reagan, Palin could not contain her urges to appeal to worst in America by hatred and division. Where Reagan saw a shining city on a hill, Palin sees blood libel. The biggest insult to Ronald Reagan tonight was the lack of hope, optimism, and belief in America that Palin expressed.

Sarah Palin, you are no Ronald Reagan.


Anonymous said...

Okay, my Palin-free month lasted only 4 1/2 days! I've only watched the first two minutes so far, and I have to wonder why she keeps throwing Bristol's name out to the media?

And it just seems really tacky for her to talk about Ronald Reagan's feelings about his ranch, when the man has several children and a wife still living and capable of telling people how he really felt.

I think she's jumped the shark, and I think that Romney and Huckabee are starting the process of wooing away her followers. I doubt if she'll have any chance at all at a nomination by the time Iowa comes around. bt

Anonymous said...

Sarah who???? Always a wannabee/never a winner.

Anonymous said...

It's getting pretty sad that Palin still doesn't realize that the people are no longer into her at all. She reminds me of the old Vaudeville shows where the horrible singer would come out and finally the curtain man would bring out "the hook" and pull her off the stage.

Sarah - your 10 minutes of fame were over months ago. Her age and stress over her marriage is beginning to show and she looks like a worn-out, tired hag.

The bloom is definitely off the rose and this woman's virility looks more like a prune these days.

Anonymous said...

Sarah Palin Trademark: Unconscious Incompetence Personified.

She's at the lowest end of the learning process and totally clueless. She's not even aware that there are things she absolutely does not know.

This is about the lowest form of intelligence and there is no indication that she has the intellectual curiosity to recognize that she knows very little and has much to learn.

In the 3 years since she arrived on the public scene, she's remained at this lowest form of human enlightenment - unconscious incompetence.

Sarah simply does not know that she does not know. Pathetic.

Anonymous said...

Poor, dumb Sarah...

Anonymous said...

Sarah's job is to make the men feel less limp and impotent. But it was a tough crowd.

Anonymous said...

The only thing she ever had going for her (her looks) is fading fast. Old white Republicans are now looking for a younger model who actually does know how to shoot.

Anonymous said...

"Sarah Who" is correct.

Only refer to her as SP. Dont give her any more Google ratings.