Monday, February 28, 2011

Steve Aufrecht's Interviews with Rep. Sharon Cissna

When Alaska State Representative Sharon Cissna arrived in Juneau last Monday aboard the Alaska state ferry MV Matanuska, she was greeted by her close friend, Rep. Beth Kerttula, various well-wishers, and a lot of cameras. Alaska blogger Jeanne Devon from The Mudflats was there, along with Steve Aufrecht from What Do I Know?

Steve had already covered Cissna's real odyssey, as she proceeded from Seattle to Juneau by car, small commuter plane (from Vancouver to Prince Rupert, British Columbia) and by ferry, after refusing an intrusive body search at the hands of the TSA at Sea-Tac Airport. I wrote about Cissna's adventure too, for MyFdl.

Here's Steve's video of Rep. Cissna arriving at the Auke Bay terminal, just north of Juneau:

When she got back to her office, Steve interviewed Rep. Cissna more, and she shared some of the many e-mails she had received from around the country. Quite a few recounted stories by people who had been abused by the TSA. Steve transcribed a large number of them at his post.

Steve asked Rep. Cissna whether or not she thought the TSA realized she was an elected official:

In the interview as Cissna exited the ferry, when asked what we can do about TSA abuses, said this:
Well, first of all, we'll be working - as soon as we finish this week up - I want to work on immediately a resolution that essentially lays out what we need to do. And the people I talked to are waiting to hear what steps they may take to be a part of something that really will change policy that's hurting people.
If you want to help this courageous, stubborn legislator, write, e-mail or call to her office and let her know that you're on board for the ride:

PHONE: 907-465-3875 (800) 922-3875 Toll Free

FAX: 907-465-4588

State Capitol, Room 420
Juneau, AK 99801-1182

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Anonymous said...

It's unfortunate people like Rep Cissna bear the brunt of the stupidity of this charade. But someone knew she was not just an average citizen because she did get different treatment from the TSA norm. She got to walk away without being enhanced screened. Usually once you are selected for extra screening, TSA doesn't just let you walk away. Think about it like you're John Pistole. If you had a bomb, you could say "fine I'm not flying today", walk away and detonate your bomb right in the airport lobby. Until someone with backbone stands up and calls it what it is: "safety theater", nothing will change. Napolitano and Pistole are old-timey law and order, do as your told types who love anything that means more control of people. On the more cynical side, people are making a ton of money off the TSA procedures, from the scanner manufacturers to the companies that make the grey bins. They can afford lobbyists to sell their newest money-making products or some new procedure to TSA and the US govt, and convince them how absolutely necessary these items are in the War on Terra. Next time you fly, look around the security area and notice how many items are there that weren't there 10 years ago - conveyors, mats, tables, grey bins, partitions, rope line ropes, signs - so many frickin signs! TSA even has its own monogrammed 2" wide tape. Someone decided TSA needed special tape with its name on it, because for some reason regular plain tape just won't do, and someone is making money from that decision. Follow the money. I hope Rep Cissna can make a dent in the insanity.