Saturday, February 12, 2011

Ron Paul at CPAC 2011

Ron Paul's speech at the 2011 Conservative Political Action Conference drew a mixture of loud cheers, boos and catcalls. Paul stirred the crowd up with his appeal to end all U.S. foreign aid, bring all our troops home now, to end the Patriot Act's unconstitutional aspects, and to investigate and possible end the Federal Reserve Board.

Today will be the final day of CPAC 2011. The straw poll is taken on the last day of the conference. Last year, Ron Paul won it. He is expected to win it this year too.

Last year, when I polled people who attended Tea Party events in Anchorage and Wasilla on April 15th, Paul won my poll:

12 - Ron Paul
9 - Sarah Palin
7 - Michelle Bachman
5 - Glenn Beck
3 - George W. Bush
3 - Mitt Romney
3 - Newt Gingrich
2 - Mike Huckabee
2 - Ralph Nader

Here's Rep. Paul's speech from Friday:

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Anonymous said...

Wonder if they asked Aretha?