Monday, February 14, 2011

From a Valentines Day 32 Years Ago

Seattle conceptual artist James L. Acord, who died on January 8th, had two favorite holidays - Halloween and Valentines Day. Every year, for almost 35 years, he sent out homemade cards on both of those special days. Some of them, like the one at left, were individually hand-made. Sometimes he xeroxed copies, sometimes he had them printed up from linoleum block cuttings.

The one at left was sent in early 1979 to Judy from Barre, Vermont, where Jim was working as a granite carver in one of the giant sculpture studios there.

Happy Valentines Day, Jim.

And to all his friends.


KaJo said...


It makes more sense if you "read" the cartoon drawings from bottom to top rather than the other way around... :-)

Philip Munger said...

That's the way we always read it. This year seems different, though, with Jim gone.