Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Third Cloture Vote on HCR Passes in the Senate - and a Warning from Jane Hamsher

The cloture vote:

The warning:


AKjah said...

What can anyone say but Jane surely has her eye on the ball. Norqust is very brave. Should more climb on board that would be good. I see most jumping on their shit and it will all be lost. So glad i live at the end of the road. Shows how much hope i have.

Anonymous said...

praise for hamsher and grover norquist?

get thee behind me, wingnut.


Polarbear said...

I never did expect Prime Rib to emerge from the sausage-making in Congress. Ben Nelson did for Nebraska what Ted Stevens used to do for Alaska. So Chuck Schumer goes pheasant hunting in early December with Ben Nelson, finds out what Nelson wants, and magically Nelson gets it. We keep hearing from these idealogue pundits on both sides of the political spectrum about how things should work, when in reality they do not now and never have worked that way in our political system, not even when our country was founded. Did you think the Obama administration was going to nuke the American health care insurance companies in the middle of a recession? Not hardly. We are going to get the only health care bill which is possible right now. If the Republicans gain a couple of seats in the Senate next year, then we are right back to 24 months of gridlock, and we will be thanking our lucky stars for the health care bill we were able to pass.

Anonymous said...

Right on, Polarbear! Thanks and Happy Holidays.