Thursday, December 10, 2009

Democracy Now in Copenhagen - Day 4 -- President Obama's Nobel Peace Prize War Speech


Anonymous said...

I'm wondering if you're going to give any effort towards informing your alaska readers about issues other than Palin?

We've got Parnell and Chenault trying to roll back oil taxes and figure a way to feed our treasury back into the pockets of the oil companies,

we've got Pebble, and Chuitna staring us in the face,

and I can't help thinking that you're falling right into a diversion that is happy to see you diverted to the extent you have become.

I'm thinking the sooner we concentrate on the issues and problems we face, the quicker the sideshow will cease to have as much energy directed towards it,

we've acknowledged that the Palin driven burp in some folks minds is crazy, let's treat it like someone braying at passerbys on a streetcorner, you don't stop what your doing to engage in that,

there's just as little reason to engage with the Palin aberrations.

Anonymous said...

There is an awful lot of stuff going on that needs addressing that no one is paying any attention to because they've been distracted by the circus like sideshow.

The best way to make the irrelevant truly become irrelevant is to give it the attention irrelevance deserves.

Philip Munger said...

Anons @ 12:31 & 12:36,

You're welcome to post articles here through me on any subject in the directions you're suggesting you care to write, as long as I approve of them. I too feel we need to address other, more important issues than what Sarah Palin is up to. The national attention of her book tour has taken a lot of my time and that of other Alaska bloggers.

That being said, PA has published dozens of articles on non-Paln Alaska issues since early November.

Anonymous said...

and an hour later, rather than address any other issue, it's more of Palin's inanity.

something already beat to death on every major and minor media source everywhere.

copy and paste the latest goo tube and then run it under that exclusive byline called saradise lost.

is it the lure of easy page hits?

I'm interested in more intelligent and more subtantive fare.

and I will venture to guess I'm not the only one.

Anonymous said...

Actually, the best thing about Palin is how she gets the creepy left all worked up so that they can't think about anything else.

It's quite humorous...I'm grinnin again.

alaskapi said...

I am utterly tired of the SP tour de farce of the last year and a half but I do think she needs watching, at least until she melts down.I'm hoping that is soon...
I thank you for the multitude of subjects you cover here Phil- pretty broad selection of issues ! The Friday fish one is a nice add.

I would hope the anonys here would contact you about doing guest posts on the issues which matter most to them.
Or invite us to their blogs to talk about them...