Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Saradise Lost - Book 4 - Chapter 33 -- When Is a Lie So Egregious That Lack of Media Coverage Becomes Pure Negligence?

Craig Medred covered this for the Alaska Dispatch. Pat Forgey covered it in detail for the Juneau Empire. The Anchorage Daily News, typically, appears to have neglected what is either a seriously egregious lie or a probable class A misdemeanor by Sarah Palin.

Either Palin has lied in her book that there were seriously taken threats against two of her daughters when they lived in Juneau, or Palin failed to lawfully report what must be presumed to have been - if you believe her - a situation that might have endangered other kids at the schools her daughters were then attending.

Here's Anchorage-based Christy Harvey, from the Center for American Progress, being interviewed by Cenk Uygur from The Young Turks:


Bones AK said...

Thanks for this.
One of the blogs also stated that Van Flein had stated that he was aware of this.

Sarah as Gov. and Van Flein as a officer of the court should have been obligated, by law, to report.

Anonymous said...

They watched a crime being commited and just stood there and did nothing. Cowards, all of them.

Anonymous said...

Palin is one sick puppy. This is not the only time she has brought up phony "rape" charges involving her children. Remember David Letterman's joke about "Sarah's daughter getting knocked up by A-Rod"? (He was referring to the adult Bristol who had already been knocked up) Sarah twisted his words and used "statutory rape" to describe Letterman's comment.

This from the woman who made sexual assault victims pay for their forensic exams when she was Mayor of Wasilla. Or would force young girls who are victims of sexual abuse to bear children resulting from their rapes.

Scarah seems to be obsessed with the rape of her children. She is sick. Makes one wonder about (1) Sarah's own background and (2) her fitness to parent, or govern, or anything else.

Philip Munger said...

No way of knowing for sure yet, but I think she just made the whole story up.

It projects here meme that her children are endangered by others rather than by her own carelessness, that Juneau is an evil place, and implies that- since we can find no action taken or a perp prosecuted - that people in Juneau and at the Troopers aren't doing their jobs.

clark said...

i think what happened there, is she didn't want to go live in juneau, and she made a bunch of stuff up to make it seem legitimate that she didn't. a couple months into her term i read an ADN LTE from a guy in soldotna. you could tell from the tone and content he must have been a retired, rock ribbed repub. and he said, what a cold slap in the face to the city of juneau and all the people there -- the first gov in history who refused to have anything to do with the place. i'll bet palin took that sort of criticism to heart, and looked for end runs. the renovations that prevented the mansion from being used, quietly moving key state employees from juneau to anchorage offices...
what i fail to understand is, why go to all that trouble? just pack up the kids and todd and take them to juneau for four or eight years. it is part of the deal, it is a wonderful place where they all would have had a good experience, guaranteed. what was the problem? there are liberals living there, probably. so better to construct an elaborate hoax, than have to mix with those people!
we just have to make sure we never elect anyone like her again. we were smart enough not to elect lindauer in '94. why did we slip up in '06?

Anonymous said...

Don't let this go Phil, and Amen Clark! S

arah actively campaigned for a job that required work and relocation. . .as usual, she skews things to fit her reality.

What's that? She tells villagers in Western Alaska that they have to move to find work? And that credo didn't apply to her Half term?

Idiot. And Jerk, also.

igettit2 said...

Absolutely agree with your assessment. What puzzles me is this. The Juneau paper published a good story. Then they publiched Ms Stapleton's letter basically saying (without offering any actual verification) that the original story was not true. Why hasn't the paper done anything to defend their original story? It's very frustrating.

AKjah said...

Pfffft nothing from that camp has anything to offer as far as the truth goes.
The MSM is not wanting to lose the best diversion ever in 2012. Thus nothing on all this crap. ADN is what it is-NOT a news paper. What a waste of trees.

WakeUpAmerica said...

She had to have some reason for quitting Juneau at that time.

Philip Munger said...


I called Pat Forgey's phone earlier today to ask him about Stapleton's statement. Forgey is and has been out of Juneau for the Holidays and won't return until the 4th.

HarpboyAK, one of my best Juneau sources, says nothing has surfaced that he knows of in Juneau that gives any veracity to Stapleton's statement.

alaskapi said...

Stapleton's statement was a letter to the editor. She asserted that this happened and the governor's 'security detail' investigated after the Palin's reported this threat.
HarpboyAK has better ears here than I do. If he hasn't heard anything there either is nothing to hear or someone is keeping inhumanly quiet...
This story makes me sick... on so many levels . Hoping you reach Pat when he comes home , Phil.

AKPetMom said...

Sarah Palin was going to use any angle to get out of residing in Juneau, including false threats against her daughter(s).

Remember, she complained about the leaky roof at the mansion and even stated that they lived with buckets to catch the water, even buckets on the grand piano!

This entire family lacked the graciousness required to be honored by living in the Governor's mansion in the Capital of our State; the State that they profess to love so much.

I watched a PBS documentary featuring the first wives of our last 5 governors speaking proudly about their time in Juneau and in the Governor's mansion. These families were proud to be housed in such an historic home and wore their political station with grace and appreciation for the history that they were allowed to be part of.

The Palins, well, not so much. I guess the old drafty Gov Mansion just couldn't live up to the McMansion on the lake. That alone speaks volumes about the historical ignorance and lack of appreciation for the history of this great State that the former first family wears so proudly.

The people that matter know that this family is a classless sham of dysfunction. Now with the custody battle they've shown their true "Springer" and "Maury Povich" colors.

They never belonged in Juneau and now they are proving that more and more each day.

Anonymous said...

Bones AK:

Which Blog?

Anonymous said...

You may be able to show Sarah didn't report the threats to the troopers or others, but I don't think you will be able to prove there were no threats or that the lack of reporting demonstrates poor judgment or malfeasance of some sort.

I think Sarah's unwillingness to live in Juneau was unacceptable, and I thought this at the time, too. However, I don't think people in the lower 48 are going to understand the significance. It wasn't illegal for Sarah to do state business in Wasilla after becoming governor.

People in Alaska understand the significance, but in Alaska, Sarah's popularity has cratored, has it not?


Anonymous said...

"Remember David Letterman's joke about "Sarah's daughter getting knocked up by A-Rod"? (He was referring to the adult Bristol who had already been knocked up)"

Yeah, sure he was. How come he didn't mention her by name ? How come Bristol wasn't at the game ? Yet another sick, bitter liberal elitist...

Anonymous said...

The stench of desperation rising from Alaska's "progressives" has become overpowering...

Anonymous said...

"Now with the custody battle they've shown their true "Springer" and "Maury Povich" colors."

Yeah, how dare a family try to keep their grandchild from the clutches of some clueless jerk who thinks posing for Playgirl is the height of class. Get a clue !

KaJo said...

Phil, perhaps your source HarpboyAK can write a letter to the editor, too. Soon.

If his sources are better than Meg Stapleton's (LOL!), that ought to be a timely push-back.


David Letterman's joke about "Sarah's daughter" didn't NEED a name. Everybody INCLUDING Palinbots knew which daughter had already been "knocked up". After all, weren't we ALL glued to the TV 15 months ago until Election Day?

That should anaswer the rather inane question @ 10:50 AM.

As for "a family try[ing] to keep their grandchild" away from his acknowledged father whose only crime is to break away from that family, what family was it 15 months ago that FORCED that prospective father off the hunting grounds and into a jacket and gray pants to be paraded around as consort to the Pregnant Unwed First Daughter? Then blacklisted him throughout Alaska so he couldn't get a job after they kicked him to the curb?

If he DIDN'T go out and find work as a model and spokesperson, LIKE HIS BABY'S MOTHER DID, Palinbots would be screaming that he's a deadbeat dad -- like Chuck Heath did rather prematurely (probably something that could and should be used against the Palins in the custody case).

Answer to 11:05 AM.

clark said...

philip said, in the comments: "It projects her meme that her children are endangered by others rather than by her own carelessness, that Juneau is an evil place, and implies that - since we can find no action taken or a perp prosecuted - that people in Juneau and at the Troopers aren't doing their jobs."
and that, p-bots is what makes this newsworthy. the school district and cops in juneau are saying, there was nothing to respond to -- no reports, no complaints, nothing. so if we accept palin's account of threats in the book at face value, there are people out there who pose a clear potential future serious danger to others, and the former gov. is doing nothing to pursue the matter.
[or are you guys suggesting there's a cover-up, or something?]

Anonymous said...

Palin continues her pattern as a pathological liar. The woman is sick...

Anonymous said...

"[or are you guys suggesting there's a cover-up, or something?]"

The incident doesn't necessarily imply any of the things you guys would like it to imply.

That the Palin family didn't respond in the way you or I would have responded or would have liked the Palin family to have responded also does not imply that the incident didn't happen or that Palin is lying.

In the end, and as you guys attempted to press matters, the degree to which you are reading into the matter what isn't necessarily there would begin to come out more and more forcefully--and you could well come out looking petty and vindictive.


Philip Munger said...



Any more projection than what you just wrote and your gonna go astral...

Anonymous said...

Hmmm...and Palin then dismissed her security detail because they followed her to a party in Wasilla on a cold winter day where she left her kids in the car for nearly an hour, and politely interrupted Scarah's partying to express concern for those neglected and at-risk children.
she probably would've left the kids for even longer if the Troopers did not responsibly intervene. They should've arrested her sorry ass.

Mt. Palin immediately erupted and the rest is history.

Seems that Sarah Palin and her sister-in-law Diana Palin have a lot in common when in comes to child rearing...

Martha Unalaska Yard Sign said...

Please join me, a Juneau resident of 30 years, in calling or writing to the Juneau Empire, the ADN, the Fairbanks News Miner and the Alaska State Troopers and asking for investigation into these allegations.

It's very clear to me that Palin is once again lying so blatantly that her nose grew a foot. I have many friends and acquaintances working for the Juneau School District and worked for the district myself. This allegation cannot go unanswered. It is the job of the media and Troopers to look into this crap. It's time that they do their job. So far, the Juneau Empire has been the only state media to dig for the truth when it comes to Palin. It's pathetic that the others have stood by doing nothing. The Troopers also need to address this as the Quitty's security detail.

We know the Twit is lying because if true, she would have gone on the attack as if there were no tomorrow. She is a coward - she didn't dare do this while living in Juneau because she was all smoke and mirrors and would have risked blowing her cover.

I spit on you, Sarah - in your face! You are the nastiest creature in Alaska.

Anonymous said...

"Any more projection than what you just wrote and your gonna go astral..."

Well, then, please don't let me stand in the way of y'all taking yet another long futile detour down a dark, deadend alley.


By the way, I love being called a Palinbot because it helps me to place you at the same level and caliber of those who, when I disagree with them, would call me an Obamabot.

Press this matter and one of you will draw a libel charge with sticking power--and you'll deserve it. In the process, freedom of speech on the internet will be impaired.

Anonymous said...

"I spit on you, Sarah - in your face! You are the nastiest creature in Alaska."

Hey, hey, the tolerant Left. What a sad bunch of grizzled old 60s hangovers you lot are. Your hatred of Palin seems to be corroding your souls (which none of you believe in anywhere)....for the sake of your own sanity some of you really need to step back and take a reality check. For the others who are too far gone, thank God your venom can do no damage to anyone but yourselves .

clark said...

10:17 -- age and religion [or lack thereof] have nothing to do with the subject at hand.

i am encouraged to see journalists and police in juneau question palin's allegations.
we can all agree that, if two of her daughters really were confronted with gang rape threats in juneau, it is absolutely awful! and essential that everyone involved be investigated and prosecuted. that kind of activity shouldn't ever be tolerated.
but what if the threats didn't really occur? should the city of juneau, public officials, school administrators and everyone there have to continue under a reputation of disrespect and ingratitude, and righteous indignation, by virtue of statements made by [whether we understand it and/or like it or not] one of the most influential conservatives on today's scene?
these are tactics that are more suited to glenn beck or bill o'reilly, than a former governor and vice presidential candidate. classic passive-agressive bullcrap: saying san francisco should be wiped off the map; or, "they're worshipping the devil up there in madison". entire cities or regions are deliberately, pointedly out of whack, requiring scorn and indifference from all true conservatives.
i live in mt. view, a part of anchorage that is continuously maligned. i've heard it called a tumor! and blighted, crime-ridden, full of ignorant people, a haven of welfare cheats and illegal immigrants. and that we are tolerant of criminal activity.
none of this can be established factually -- at least, that mt. view is any worse than any other part of anchorage and alaska, with respect to social problems, crime, the attitude and awareness of residents and our collective efforts to improve. but the actual facts don't matter because the damage has already been done, and it makes it that much harder for the neighborhood to ever rise above its largely undeserved reputation.
we're better off working together to solve problems.

clark said...

essentially, i think most people, more than ever before are pretty turned off by 'divide and conquer' tactics.

Anonymous said...

Clark, I'd say Wasilla leaves Mt. View "in the dust"...literally and figuratively speaking. LOL