Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Senate Health Care Debate - Honesty Compared to Dishonesty

A lot more of the latter on the U.S. Senate floor this past week, on both sides of the aisle.

Here's Sen. Al Franken, schooling Sen. John Thune:

Here's Sen. Joe Lieberman, representing, as he often does, the ultimate in Senatorial dishonesty:

Somewhere in between?


Yusef Asabiyah said...

One of the many remarkable things I learned yesterday while reading the ADN article about Bill Allen you linked to: Pegge Begich had been married to a man now serving a life sentence in Arizona for murder:


The guy had mafia connections going way back, probably worked as a mafia assassin, and had operated a shady nightclub in Spenard while married to Mrs. Begich.

Maybe this information is not relevant, but when I hear Mark Begich blithely avoid the implications of what sort of country would shove trillions down the twin rat holes of the banking disaster and foreign wars while at the same time being unable to address the serious and longstanding problems of its healthcare system, I believe it might be relevant.

Curiouser said...

I appreciate your posting these videos though they add to my almost unbearable frustration.

Al Franken is a gem!

AKjah said...

I had hope for Mr Mark going into the senate. Now he looks like a humpy struggling to fight the current. Most of the world see's our government as inept and ineffectual. I am talking about the senate Mr Mark! The American people are learning slowly with no help from the MSM. Your frikkin job aint that big a deal. We will always give you a job. Stand up and make us all proud.

Anonymous said...

Here's another take on your favorite progressive Al Franken.


From the progressive leaning Newsmax of all things.

So much for having comedians in congress. What has our nation come to?

Yusef Asabiyah said...

"So much for having comedians in congress. What has our nation come to?"

Aren't your idiotic tactics transparent to all--

We're supposed to worry about what our nation is coming to when we have--yes, a comedian--but also a Harvard-educated brilliant actor and writer representing us in the Senate, but what was the nation coming to when Ron Reagan was President?

To even mention Ronald Reagan was a third-rate B-movie star was thought by you jerks to be elitist, snobbish, and unfair. And in fact you'd have had us be persuaded RR was the greatest President of the latter 20th century.

So choose up: either a career in entertainment prior to politics destroys the possibility of credible performance in politics, or it doesn't.

Anonymous said...

By the way, did you read the Newsmax article about the incident.

Completely different take on the exchange between Thune and the funny man.

Yusef Asabiyah said...

I read the Newsmax article and watched the much lengthier clip of the incident embedded in that article.

If anything, Franken is even more impressive in the lengthy clip.

Whatever point the Newsmax author was trying to make, he or she was relying on most people not taking the time to check out for themselves what transpired using the clip he or she provided.

Franken is very honest and very smart. Personally, I take that to mean Franken is doomed...The USA rewards stupid callous criminal-types.

BTW, Newsmax isn't progressive-leaning.