Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Saradise Lost - Book 4 - Chapter 32 - "... her mother is powerful, politically ambitious and has a reputation for being extremely vindictive..."

And the judge agreed.

This has come up before. At Palingates, Patrick has pulled up an October 2008 post by Andrew Halcro, about aspects of Troopergate that might have been part of why Levi Johnston made the statement about the vindictiveness of the Crazy Woman:

In 2005, Palin and her sister Molly went to the Palmer Courthouse while Mike Wooten was in Portland with his stepson. They convinced a judge to grant Molly a domestic violence restraining order against Wooten. This was done so Molly could retain full custody of the children.

When Wooten returned from Portland, he realized that there was a order prohibiting him from seeing his kids. Three weeks later, Wooten was granted an appearance in front of the couple's divorce judge.

In front of Judge Suddock, Molly testified that Wooten never hit her or never physically abused her or ever touched the children. She told the judge she was feeling pressure from her family to file the order.

Suddock immediately dissolved the order because there was no proof of any domestic violence and called the order an abuse of the legal system. He then scolded Palin's sister for keeping Wooten's kids away from him.

The Palins' "abuse of the legal system" may end up being one of the most enduring legacies of this family in Alaska.

All the Alaska media is glomping onto this newest episode of the Sarah Springer Show. As are our several Alaska or Palin-related blogs:

Anchorage Daily News

Alaska Dispatch
The Mudflats
The Immoral Majority
Bree Palin
Andrew Sullivan
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More coverage as it develops hourly at memeorandum.

Coverage of this at Conservatives4Palin is typically myopic. Their initial reaction was to stomp on Levi Johnston:

Levi Seeks Publicity Instead of Tripp's Well-being

Their second reaction is to award Levi's son a new name:

Yesterday we learned that Bristol Palin, Governor Palin's eldest daughter, filed for sole custody of her son, Tripp E. Johnston-Palin, in early November of this year.

The child's name isn't Tripp E. Johnston-Palin, it is Tripp Easton Mitchell Johnston. Just another example of the fictitious world in which many of Palin's last-ditch supporters reside. One of the most deluded commenters there, writes:

I worry that Obama or Emmanuel or Axelrod will lean on the judge to make a judgement in Levi's favor to try to further embarrass the Palin family.

Update I: C4P commenters no encouraging violence against Levi Johnston:

Thought Track is back from Iraq. Where I'm from cases like this are settled between men, you know what I mean.

And a comment at Andrew Sullivan's blog:

I am a family law attorney in NH. I find Bristol's statement about Palin's involvement in the case implausible. For starters, in about 100% of the cases involving custody of a child born to teen parents, the maternal grandparents are heavily involved. The teen mom about always lives at home, is very dependent on her parents for child care, and overall assistance with everything to do with the baby. And not the least, but reviewing the pleadings filed to date, serious money has already been shelled out-in the thousands I am certain. You can be sure that Sarah and Todd wrote those hefty retainer checks, not Bristol..


Anonymous said...

I wonder if the Palin's ever considered the possibility that the judge would deny their request for secrecy? They had better settle, or there will be some mighty tasty depositions publicized. Not very smart.

0>w/hole>1 said...

In light of Van Flein's use of the phoney Johnston "weed" twitter account, I found the *actual* Bristol "weed" myspace postings over on PalinGates very humorous:


Also too, I have the feeling a lot of "the base" are guys who've been on the short end of the custody stick. I reckon if Palin keeps up with the custody meanness, she's gonna stop being the "damsel in distress" archetype for them, and start being the "conniving custody-case mother-in-law" archetype.

Just a feeling.

Anonymous said...

Will this one day become a progressive blog or is it going to continue it's slide towards becoming Alaska's online version of a tabloid like People.

What's next, book reviews of bodice rippers?

There's some real world, life altering crap being perpetrated of late and what I keep seeing is a bunch of juvenile voyeurs peering through keyholes.

Time to let go of the last vestiges of puberty.

There's work to be done.

Anonymous said...

This site needs therapy....yet another non-story about Palin...Yawn...

Anonymous said...

I am sure that Bristol is paying for the Lawyer with the 2 jobs she is working to pay for diapers that Palin is always talking about. Where is she working these 2 jobs?

Curiouser said...

The story of Palin's false charges against Wooten are quite telling. But will she ever be held accountable for her abuse? Speaking as a frustrated outsider, the Alaska legislature's failure to reconcile the two Troopergate investigations has contributed to Palin's hubris. An ADN editorial called for a public hearing but Alaskans didn't seem to care. If AK is serious about solving problems with procedures related to ethics issues, a public hearing on the handling of Troopergate would be a great place to start.

KaJo said...

I think one of Bristol's two jobs is being her mother's new hairdresser, and obviously the other job is taking care of the children -- including Piper, no doubt, when Piper isn't needed as junior dogsbody to her mother on these long trips out of school and away from home.

As for Bristol going to school -- even more obviously, it's probably beauty school, so that she can fully replace that poor girl who used to be Palin's hairdresser -- the one who blabbed on her Twitter that Palin was losing hair!

How odd. . . said...

I thought that in Alaska that custody agreements were not done between unmarried parents.

Tracy said...

So does this mean that Bristol and Levi are not in the same league with Britney & Kevin or Alec & Kim? Does this suggest that neither one is a true celebrity with any real talent? (I like Levi for being Levi, but I don't think he is decent actor material and Bristol even less so, but Levi is likable.)

Anyone who sees Palin calling herself a Momma Bear should be wary about deling with her cubs in a custody battle.

Levi is hallucinating if he thinks that publicity will keep ex guv Sarah behaving herself because if anything, the spotlight invites her dark side to shine, but things could be worse for him if she can keep things secret. She'd pay someone to spill on her bad actions just to blame Levi and put him in contempt of court!

clark said...

i'd bet on levi. he's got a lot better legal help, for one thing. read the previous post, about how butler got the litigants' anonymity dismissed -- and try to picture van flein accomplishing anything like that.

Philip Munger said...


Butler is pretty wily. van Flein is above average.

Part of the reason I'm tracking this is because this case appears to be headed toward serious depositions, possibly by Todd and Sarah. Of the things that might ultimately lead to the Palins' total demise, Levi Johnston is at the top of the heap..

EyeOnYou said...
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EyeOnYou said...

Let us not forget the issue Sarah Palin and her family had during the divorce of Molly & Mike Wooten.

Sarah and her entire family were admonished by the courts not once but twice for disparaging Mike Wooten in front of the children and it got so bad that the judge labeled it child abuse and threatened Molly with the loss of custody of her children if it did not stop. The judge also said it was disturbing when pointing out the numerous complaints "not job related" filed by Sarah Palin, her father and her daughter, stating "Wooten was being "harassed" by Palin and other family members."

This family has a known and provable history of attacking those who they have a grudge against, so Levi has every right to be concerned.

Anonymous said...

Did People magazine pay Bristol for this cover story? Did Candies (the porn-ish company) pay Bristol for being its "abstinence" spokesperson? Why has Bristol paraded her baby on the cover of People, and also on TV during her very short-lived Candies campaign? Why does she keep putting her child in the public eye? Who is paying for Van Flein's legal fees? Did Todd and Sarah pay these fees? Is the Alaska Fund Trust being raided for this purpose? Is Bristol still living under Sarah's roof?

sauerkraut said...

You know you've done good work, Phil, when the peelanders come here to disparage you and your blog.

Keep up the good work!

btw - I'm not convinced that either s'error or The Dud will ever be deposed. If they are, the transcripts will not see the light of day or will be subject to a confidentiality agreement.

sauerkraut said...

Tracy - what would cause Levi to be held in contempt of court? He can say whatever he'd like about s'error and the case. There is no gag order as the judge denied van flea's attempt to obtain one.

Tracy said...

If there were a gag order, s'error would get someone to make it look like he spilled. Since there isn't, she can't. I know that.

By the way-- your name for Queen Esther is the best yet. Did you come up with it on your own or is it common elsewhere? I've not yet seen s'error and I come to PA and a few other blogs a couple times a day and get my information on her from these articles-- I won't click on her name at ADN, MSN, CNN or FOX to add to their traffic on her.

HarpboyAK said...

And, Phil, I noticed that Dougherty has disabled comments on the ADN story about this. Yet another example of his toadying to the Crazy Woman, along with the Sarah Shrine.

Aaargh, even in the winter, out of town visitors want to go by the Gov's Mansion, all decked out in Christmas lights, and talk about Her Majesty, not about the current occupant (who at least is living there).

Jane C. said...

I think it is fascvinating that Doherty won't let people post on Palin, yet he lets people make sexual and same-gender relationship remarks on people going to jail/prison. Silencing the comments on Palin is one thing, but I am disgusted on the other and it makes he who is in charge seem like he is a Christian conservative with allowing the prison remarks.