Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Saradise Found - Chapter 20 - Eat Your Heart Out, TJ!

Old school pre-presidential structure:


Anonymous said...

Ha! Good one Phil!

Thomas Jefferson didn't need ghostwriters also, too!!

Philip Munger said...

anon @ 8:44,

He did have an ingenious dumbwaiter chute, though. My favorite at the Monticello was the music stand for an entire string quartet.

No doubt odd Todd will have an ingenious tool for polishing his spark plugs while the CW is away, eh?

Anonymous said...

Ah, the TJ compound or the CW turret ain't got nuthin on a apt. In the city of the colonists! Eh?

I hear the Natives are stirring... It has been a long winter... And it ain't even half over. ~ sigh ~

Anonymous said...

was sarah even in the compound when she was trying to polish her halo on Huckabee's #&@ ?

Kevin said...

Methinks the "new school" reflects a lack of schooling -- although it hardly requires a knowledge of architecture to see that the windows on the left-hand structure are so out of proportion that they appear cannibalized from a much larger building. (Yes, I know ...)

It's almost a form of rudeness, a visual statement that "it looks great on the inside, and I don't give a damn how it looks to you from the outside."

Anonymous said...

Yes, the contrast is quite striking in comparing these two structures, as well as the owners. Now what is the literary term for an extremely exaggerated and derogatory comparison..."burlesque" -- yes, that's it! Phil, your comparison of the two homes (and the owners) is "burlesque"!

There is also an actual literary term to describe how the CW speaks..."enjambed". Add that to "word salad" (aka "free verse") and we come pretty close to describing the incoherent, mangled mess that is Palin's pattern of speech.

Of course, we all know that Going Rogue is a "fantasy novel" that contains much "invective". "Picaresque" could also describe Going Rogue.

* See the Glossary for Literary Terms for more:

Anonymous said...

I can't speak to the 'new school' except to say I am SURE is did not involve as much thought and original ideas as the old school.
Oh how I miss the beauty of the 'old school'; the thoughtful layout, the interest in the surrounding countryside and cultures of the world.
Hopefully the 'new' will blow through and go out with the wind to not be heard again from, so shallow and boring!!

Anonymous said...

"Pray for our military men and women who are striving to do what is right. Also, for this country, that our leaders, our national leaders, are sending [U.S. soldiers] out on a task that is from God," she exhorted the congregants. "That's what we have to make sure that we're praying for, that there is a plan and that that plan is God's plan."- Sarah Palin, June, 2008

“In matters of religion, I have considered that its free exercise is placed by the constitution independent of the power of the federal government. I have therefore undertaken, on no occasion, to prescribe the religious exercises suited to it; but have left them, as the constitution found them, under the direction of state or church authorities acknowledged by the several religious societies.” (Jefferson's Second Inaugural Address).
“In justice, too, to our excellent Constitution, it ought to be observed, that it has not placed our religious rights under the power of any public functionary. The power, therefore, was wanting, not less than the will, to injure these rights.” (Letter to the Society of the Methodist Episcopal Church at Pittsburg, Dec. 9, 1808).


clark said...

wretched, excessive inadequacy.
instant white elephant.

Anonymous said...

It's obvious from the photo that Wasilla is in serious need of some zoning laws.

Gregg in Milwaukee

clark said...

the people in wasilla moved there to get away from zoning laws.
ask anyone who lives there, possibly excepting philip and a handful of others.

Mona said...

Clark: You're wrong. The Mat-Su Borough does have zoning laws.

clark said...

yeah, i knew that, actually. they've been in place for a few years now. i guess i implied otherwise. i was thinking about palin's justification of rejection of some of the stim funds [that they mandated compliance with new codes -- never mind that her concerns were actually all a non-issue]. it was calculated to appeal to wingnuts, eh.
the mat-su borough does have fewer regulations on land use than anchorage, but both places have lax enforcement, and the regulations are far less detailed than other places in the country.
a lot of mat-su looks like a land use disaster to my eyes, but i also realize that zoning regs aren't exactly a substitute to effective planning and a vision for the future of a community.
and to be fair, anchorage isn't a whole lot more progressive. we attempted a long overdue rewrite of our title 21 land use ordinance, and it started out a lot better than it is ending up, after a gang of developers took out all the parts they don't like.

Anonymous said...

Did anybody hear the excellent piece about religious bigotry on NPR yesterday ?

It made me think of Phil and his blogger friends in Alaska.

I know that you don't see yourself as a bigot, but the reality is that you are.

Your intolerance of Palin's evangelical beliefs is no different that than Eddie Burke's intolerance of Islam.

No difference Phil, none.

jo said...

Jesus he knows me and he knows I'm right.
Won't find me practising what I'm preaching
won't find me making no sacrifice
but I can get you a pocketful of miracles
if you promise to be good, try to be nice
God will take good care of you
just do as I say, don't do as I do

I'm counting my blessings,
I've found true happiness
cos I'm getting richer, day by day
you can find me in the phone book,
just call my toll free number
you can do it anyway you want
just do it right away

There'll be no doubt in your mind
you'll believe everything I'm saying
if you wanna get closer to him
get on your knees and start paying

Cos Jesus he knows me
and he knows I'm right
I've been talking to Jesus all my life
oh yes he knows me
and he knows I'm right
well he's been telling me
everything's gonna be alright, alright

Anonymous said...

Still waiting for the info on who built and paid for that first house and why it looks so much like the Wasilla Sports Complex. Housegate will continue to haunt $arah until the truth comes out. Then the grifter is going to jail. Hope the feds are investigating...