Sunday, December 20, 2009

Gov. Howard Dean Interviewed This Morning By David Gregory on the Senate HCR Bill


Anonymous said...

It is no coincidence that there is no tort reform in the Demcare bill

Top Nine Health Care Charts You’ve Never Seen Before

Anonymous said...

As if merely mentioning the talking point 'tort reform' necessarily means anything at all.

As to the supposed 'charts'.

The source of the questionable charts is the Manhatten Institute, founded by an uber winger who made his fortune inventing caged chicken farms, and who is known to be so incompetent that he has the distinction of having lost his substantial fortune in trying his hand at introducing turtle farming.

Other than losing a fortune in foolhardy ventures like turtle farming, he spent the rest of his money inventing several so-called think tanks.

The Manhatten Institute is one of them, and in the Manhatten Institute he paired off with none other than the disgraced William Casey, Reagan's CIA head. The same William Casey that oversaw funding Osama Bin Laden with a billion dollars.

Casey is perhaps best known as ignoring his own analysts and creating wholly fictitious 'black propaganda' that was proven to have undermined the interests of the USA.

If you think 'charts' prepared by these uber failures represent any kind of reality, you've not only been drinking too much of the kool-aid, you've steeped your last brain cell to the point of over saturation.

The General Accounting Office and the Congressional Budget Office have both studied the issue and proven that medical malpractice suits account for 2% of overall healthcare costs in this country.

Pedal your wingnuttery somewhere else, here you've likely to meet up with someone who has a reality based view. Take your delusions and myths on the road, we ain't buying.


Philip Munger said...


thanks for the aisle cleanup. I owe you for it...