Friday, December 4, 2009

Saradise Lost - Book 4 - Chapter 21 -- Andree McLeod's Records Request

AKcomplaint -


harpboyAK said...

No wonder they didn't want to release all those emails! The evidence is all right here, and all of those Sarah toadies still working for the state should be fired right now!

Philip Munger said...


Wait until you see what Linda Kellen is beginning to get. There's going to be enough between what Linda and Andree have gotten released here to fuel at least three or four internal investigations.

The State Democratic Party legislators need to ask themselves why they aren't preparing some effective legislation to curb these abuses, or to make accountability more open. Doogan's bill doesn't address them, and Bob Lynn's goes in the exact wrong direction from where we need to go.

bosshog said...

Unbelievable, and I only got through page 83! Speechless...

Go, Andree, go!

bosshog said...

P.S. Phil, thank you so much for publishing this!!!!

mary b said...

There is no way she can beat this charge. It took quite awhile, but I read through each document that is posted here.
Every single document pertains to her V.P. campaign.
Will Alaska just give her a slap on the wrist, once again?
Why doesn't the State ever enforce their own rules and laws? Like w/Troopergate, not one supeona honored. Do you think maybe this time, because she is no longer Gov., they'll follow through? Or does she still wield a lot of power?