Thursday, December 17, 2009

Attention Mat-Su Valley Commuters - Moore Up North Taping Postponed for Weather & Safety

This just in from The Mudflats:

The regular Thursday night taping of Moore Up North at Bernie’s Bungalow has been cancelled.

It’s been snowing all night and all day, and many roads have not been plowed yet, creating less than stellar driving conditions.

Since the theme of Moore Up North tonight was to have been about health care, it seems appropriate not to put people’s health in jeopardy to attend the taping!

So, this Saturday you’ll be seeing a rerun of Moore Up North. There have been five shows so far and any one of them could be a “Best of” program, so to throw in your two cents about what you’d like to see, hop over to Shannyn Moore’s blog and vote in the poll.

Remember, buckle up, drive slow and drive safe.

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