Sunday, December 6, 2009

A Message from the Past, Present and Future from Sarah Palin

As I sit here, recovering from having to sit near so many people who weren't White and who were creepily liberal at the Gridiron Club the other night, I just thought I would pause and thank the Alaska media for helping me become the most bizarrely divisive political figure in American history.

I've been so happy in the Midwest, Texas and other places where there aren't very many Asians or Pacific Islanders. They still make me feel uncomfortable. I know, there are a lot of - can I say it? - OK, I guess I can't - "Negroes" will have to do - where I've been lately, but those who attend my events are usually kept well away from me.

Well, I've got to get back to my messianic mission. But, before I get back to reading inspirational material, I'd like to quote from an article printed this weekend that pretty much sums up how I've been treated by the Anchorage Daily News over the years, especially my BFF, the Alaska Ear:

"I had an interesting conversation with an Alaskan two days ago who had spent time speaking with one of Sarah’s family members. My friend was curious how Sarah’s extended family and small circle of close friends, who know the truth behind many of the mistruths she tells the rest of the nation handle what they know her deceptions to be. “It was so surreal,” my friend recounted. It is as if there is real reality, and then there is “Sarah Reality” and in Sarah Reality whatever Sarah wishes were true at the moment, whatever she wants to be true, then that is what true is for her, and subsequently for those in her inner circle and her fan base. Sarah is not to be questioned. She is to be agreed with and honored.

My friend went on to say this particular family member mentioned that Sarah was the “most important person in the world right now” and that Christians needed to get behind her and pray for her.

Thanks, Anchorage Daily News, for all the ways you've helped keep my story going my way. I wouldn't be here now, like this, without your assistance. Can't wait to see why you give me another of your hundreds of "Up's" next Sunday. I'm sure, as you always do, you'll find some dear way to spin it.

Ooooooh! - I have a special present, saved from one of my Texas appearances, for my BFF, the Alaska Ear, whose tres icky e-mails to my staff are about to go public, thanks to the donations of hundreds of people supporting Alaska's bloggers and that desecrator of sacred icons, Linda Kellen.

It is a special tea party tag. Don't stick the pin in your bosom, d'eary.

upper image - Sarah Palin's official Wasilla City Council portrait, reading John Birch Society literature


bosshog said...

Can't wait to see those "tres icky" emails from Alaska Ear to the sociopath that used to be governor.

Message to Linda Kellen -- thanks for your perseverence in this matter and "scan, baby, scan"!

Philip Munger said...

scan, baby, scan! What a GREAT idea...

Anonymous said...

That Bircher photo is a real gotcha moment for the CW.