Sunday, December 6, 2009

At the 2009 Cook Inletkeeper Muckraker Ball

Cook Inletkeeper's Third Annual Muckrakers' Ball was held Saturday evening in Anchorage, at Rumrunners - at the downtown corner of 4th and E. There seemed to be a lot more people at the ball than at last year's which honored Cordova environmentalist, educator and author Riki Ott.

This year's recipient of this important local award was Jeanne Devon, whose blog The Mudflats, has become a vital multi-faceted web and networking tool for thousands of people around Alaska, the USA and the world.

Judy and I had a great time there. I took a few pictures.

Here's Judy, talking with Linda Kellen Biegel, from the blog Celtic Diva's Blue Oasis, about the large quantitiy of documents the State of Alaska is in the process of releasing. The cost the state demanded - thousands of dollars - was raised by Alaska bloggers and people who read their blogs:

John and Heather Aronno, from the blog The Alaska Commons. John and Heather are helping organize young people in Anchorage and around Alaska, energizing them with this young couple's incredible enthusiasm and dedication:
Longtime friend and Wasilla community activist, Anne Kilkenny, with AK Muckraker, sharing a story:
Gryph, from the blog The Immoral Minority, whose posts on Levi Johnston and on continuing corruption in Anchorage and Alaska politics are among the best in the country:
Linda hugging Alaska civil rights icon, educator, women's rights pioneer, author, poet, playwright, director, actress and politician, Diane Benson. Diane will be the featured speaker at Anchorage's Bartlett Democratic Club on Thursday, December 17th. According to the Bartlett Democratic Club, Benson will then announce whether or not she will be entering one of the 2010 Alaska political races. Last spring, Diane told me "I'm not sure I'm done with Don."

She ran against Alaska's sole U.S. Congressman Don Young in 2006, shocking the political establishment by getting over 40% of the vote on a shoestring campaign that did better in many parts of the state than the well-funded Democratic Party's Knowles-Berkowitz gubernatorial ticket. All three of the Democratic Primary candidates in the 2010 governor's race have indicated to me that they would welcome Benson as a candidate for Lieutenant Governor:

Alaska's preeminent progressive voice, blogger, writer, radio and television personality, Shannyn Moore, introducing AK Muckraker:
AK Muckraker giving her speech, upon receiving the golden rake from Cook Inletkeeper's Bob Shavelson. Her speech was quite good, mixing a few humorous anecdotes with more serious elements that challenge Alaska progressives to become a bigger, more positive, more fulfilling voice in our state's destiny. It was one of the better talks on new media I've heard here or anywhere:

The audience, applauding one of AKM's humorous illustrations:
Ron Devon, one very proud husband:


Sonny said...

Great pictures from the ball and congrats to AKMudflats!

Anonymous said...

All of you look great.
Congrats Jeanne, you deserve it.
I wish all of you the best in "progressing" Alaska the proper way.
S'error did to Ak what Bush did to the Country.


Anne Mosness said...

Thank you Phil, for your commentaries and photos of enlightened, valiant people we've come to admire, long distance, who truly represent the great state of Alaska. And by educating folks from the lower 48 about Alaska's sustainable resources, hopefully we can work together to protect them.

Mudflats said...

Thanks Phil! It was great to see you and Judy at the event. And thanks again for that pomegranate martini! I definitely needed it! :0)