Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Democracy Now in Copenhagen - Day 3 - No Good News


AKjah said...

Phil did you read that article i think i saw it on Firedoglake. about the oped that was run in 50-something papers around the world and only two in the us. It was about the US congress being so disfunctional that any treaty on climate change is basically worthless. The whole world knows our government is run by corporations and we dont even get to hear about it because the media corporations think that would be to disturbing for us to understand. One would think the existance of life would trump profit but sadly no. Frankly i dont see any reason to continue this humanity in it's present form. What bothers me is the pain to others in it's decline. I think i need a long walk.

Philip Munger said...


I read it. So sad.

What are the odds the ADn will print the CW's WaPo op-ed if they can run it for free?