Monday, December 7, 2009

Nationally the GOP Has Become a Third, uh - Fourth Party

A new Rasmussen Poll just came out.

It puts the Republican Party 4th behind Democrats, the Tea Party, and the "I could give a shit" party:

In a three-way Generic Ballot test, the latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey finds Democrats attracting 36% of the vote. The Tea Party candidate picks up 23%, and Republicans finish third at 18%. Another 22% are undecided.

So, here it is, graphically:

36% - Democratic Party

23% - Teabaggers

22% - I Could Give a Shit

18% - GOP


Anonymous said...

Must make you Democrats pretty proud to know 64% of the country wants someone else in charge

jo said...

You can't trust a Rasmussen poll, Cluster Fox "News" is always quoting them. If a Conservative says something it's a lie or distortion. In the name of Jesus of course.

Anonymous said...

I participated in a Rasmussen poll just yesterday. I lied in response the demographic questions, but was honest in responding to the questions of substance. Of course, it's all robocall and button response, so anyone of any age can take the poll and mess with them. I wonder how many people do that.

RoseMontague said...

The link is not working. Where are the Independents? I would hope you are not listing them as the "I Could Give a Shit" folks.

clark said...

maybe he could call them the 'wafflers' or 'incapable of doing anything decisive'.

Anonymous said...

Ha...keep up the self-delusion. Pres Obama is the best thing that happened to Republicans. He brought them back from depths of despair.

Anonymous said...

I see how the Democrats "change" is working- more of our change for the bureaucrats. Keep supporting these people in power- they need all of your money they can get.

Federal employees "earn" 2% pay raise

Congressional appropriators agreed Tuesday night to give civilian federal employees a 2 percent pay increase.