Saturday, November 21, 2009

Why Are Strider and I Celebrating?

We're celebrating because we just found out that AK Muckraker - Jeanne Devon - has been named Cook Inletkeeper's 2009 Alaska Muckraker of the Year:

Please join Cook Inletkeeper for our annual Muckrakers Ball on December 5, 2009.

Cook Inletkeeper will be honoring
Jeanne Devon for outstanding public service through her award-winning blog The Mud Flats.

Join us at RumRunners - Old Towne Bar & Grill in downtown Anchorage.


Cook Inletkeeper's Muckrakers Ball

Shannyn Moore, Emcee


RumRunners - Old Towne Bar & Grill

I know, I know - how could AK Muckraker NOT be named Alaska Muckraker of the year with a handle like that?

Well, it has to do with the fine job AKM has been doing, and the on-line community she has developed.


Michelle said...

Yay AKM! And thank you Phil for all you've done - which is A LOT!

Philip Munger said...


A very faint bit of jealousy, but I got over it in about 15 seconds. I'm so proud of AKM!

Ms. Fish said...

Fitting indeed! From here on out, it will forever be THE (AK) Muckraker's Ball. Wish I could join you all, sadly, out of state.

Amy Jones said...

Thank you for the announcement Phil - everybody is linking to you from Mudflats to read the news. (well, I don't know if EVERYBODY is - but I did!!)

See you at the ball!