Wednesday, November 4, 2009

FAUX News Promotes Book Featuring Alaska Bloggers Moore and AKM

In a move that has stunned some in the media and book publishing communities, FAUX News wrote this yesterday:

The book [Sarah From Alaska] - was released Tuesday - almost one year after Barack Obama and Joe Biden defeated John McCain and Palin, and weeks before the former Alaska governor releases her autobiography, Going Rouge, An American Nightmare.

The book cited by FAUX isn't her so-called "autobiography," it is a book featuring Alaska bloggers AK Muckraker (publishing under her closely guarded real name) and Shannyn Moore. FAUX prints inaccurate shit ALL THE TIME. They NEVER apologize. If they did, they wouldn't have enough time to distort the news, would they?

For the latest samples of the excellent writing by AKM and Moore, you can go here:

Palin's Virginia Robocalls May Not Be Legal

Palin Boob a Fake: Hoffman Loses


KaJo said...

I was hoping someone would upload a screenshot of the page, after reading about this on IM.

The hilarious mistake was up for at least 12 hours, not corrected until this morning, so that ought to be plenty of time for the mistake to go viral across the progressive blogosphere, and provide many laughs for people who are tired of Fox "News" and their constant lies.

Anonymous said...

So two wrongs DO make a right then, eh ?

They do it so it's okay if we do it.

Great line of reasoning there, if this were a Logic class you'd fail.

KaJo said...

You've got it wrong, Anonymous.

Faux Not-News ("they") usually LIE about a piece of information that is reported in a straightforward manner without embellishment by most news outlets.

This time, they didn't LIE; they just made a BIG BOO-BOO everyone in the whole world could see for at least 12 hours. Talk about being asleep at the switch...

I think my logic is better than your logic.

Anonymous said...

"Faux Not-News ("they") usually LIE about a piece of information "

Oh, grow up. What evidence of Fox "lies" do you have ? Name one Fox News item that was a "lie" ? Just because they refuse to blow Obama every second of the day like NBC, CNN, ABC etc. doesn't mean FOX are lying...they just aren't part of the State media.

"I think my logic is better than your logic."

What logic ? A childish use of the word "FAUX" (how witty and original of you) and a snark about a minor mistake ...where's the logic ?