Friday, November 27, 2009

Saradise Lost - Book 4 - Chapter 18 -- Palin = Again Squared

In response to a few of the incoming images of reverberations from the Crazy Woman's ongoing under-the-bus book tour, I posted an entry on Tuesday that featured an episode from MSNBC's Countdown. The Olbermann episode helped vindicate statements about the CW I've made in the past.

On Wednesday, though, one of the best scholars in the field on knowing Palin's base assailed some of the other material in Olbermann's anti-Palin polemic. Bruce Wilson's essay, posted several places, chastises Olbermann for his hesitancy to call Palin's religious beliefs what they are, in that Wilson observed Olbmann only covered one area of many Palin brought up this past week regarding endtimes belief paradigms. The area Olbermann centered upon was an Israel thing centered on the Rapture. I covered aspects of that last week.

Wilson observed:

In a November 24th, 2009 segment of MSNBC's Countdown, Keith Olbermann asserted that Palin's religious views are not unusual, in terms of American culture. That might be true if giving Samurai swords to graduating religious students, claiming Christians can learn to raise the dead, and advocating the religious cleansing of unbelievers, is normative within Christianity.

Recent statements from Sarah Palin that appear to be rooted in end-times theology have sparked renewed discussion on Palin's religious beliefs [1, 2, 3, 4]. But none of the commentary on the subject - from Jeffrey Goldberg, Frank Rich, Keith Olbermann, and others refers to what's actually taught at Sarah Palin's churches, even though there's extensive evidence on that subject. This story present a case, heavily substantiated with video footage from Sarah Palin's most important church, the Wasilla Assembly of God, which radically challenges emerging liberal media narratives that purport to explain Palin's religious beliefs.

But Palin's Church Does Not Teach A Pre-Trib Rapture, and over the course of the past year, working together with a research colleague, I have extensively documented that Sarah Palin is tightly associated with the top leadership of a newly formed Christian tendency called the New Apostolic Reformation. The goal of the movement ? - This is not about the "Rapture." It's about Christian supremacy.

This is not speculation.

Read Wilson's article.

Leah Burton's continuing saga on how the CW lower-48 under-the-bus tour is playing out religiously is the best blog coverage by someone with extensive Alaska knowledge:

While running around conservative pockets of America, appealing to her “base”, referring to Obama as “backassword”, she is fueling the tide of hate against our president. For gods sake people…we must get the message out. This woman is a walking talking disaster.

Palingates, which has become far more visited than any conservative Palin blog niche, including C4P, doesn't blanch at calling Palin's stuff what it is, either. Here's a video from this past week that caught Palingates attention:


Grandmaj said...

The Assembly of God organization does believe in a pre-trib rapture.

ZIP NOLAN said...

"While running around conservative pockets of America, appealing to her “base”, referring to Obama as “backassword”, she is fueling the tide of hate against our president. "

The strange thing about a democracy is that people are allowed to critic their leaders ....seems the Left don't understand this. Criticizing our president is now , apparently, "fuelling the tide of hate." Such hysteria was last seen on the pages of Pravda back in the good old days of the Soviet Union.

Censorship was another big part of the progressive agenda in those days....let's see how long this post lasts before the tolerant Mr.Munger deletes it. Dissent is patriotic, indeed !!

Patrick said...

Phil, thanks a lot for your kind words! That was very nice of you. Especially since we are not from Alaska and have to work from a great distance. However, I know already more of Alaska by now than I know of the city I am living in. In addition, as so many other people, I can see from thousands of miles away that Sarah Palin is a dolt.

Wolfe Tone said...

Criticizing the president is perfectly ok.

If you review his past posts, critiquing Obama (especially his approach in Iraq and Afghanistan) is something Mr. Munger hasn't ever shied away from.

But to engage in tactics with the deliberate and sole purpose of polarizing our country and undermining any success this administration may have isn't "critiquing."

It's un-American.

Bruce E. Wilson said...

Grandmaj - the official Assemblies of God position on the pre-Trib Rapture is irrelevant.

The churches Sarah Palin is associated with in Alaska do not teach the pre-Trib Rapture. Indeed, Palin's most important church, the Wasilla Assembly of God, teaches doctrines from Third Wave Christianity and the New Apostolic Reformation.


Philip Munger said...

Thanks, WT & Bruce W.

Olbermann seemed, in part, to be reading from a carefully written disclaimer script that had been handed him by a committee.

As I've recounted elsewhere, her description of a young earth, people coexisting with dinosaurs and her "seeing Jesus in [her] lifetime" did not occur recently, but as early as more than 12 years ago, beginning in June 1997.

Her obvious belief in biblical inerrancy has a lot of validity now, when tied into her repeated open comments and veiled signals about "Israel."

Grandmaj said...

Bruce Wilson, here is the statement from the Wasilla Assembly of God web site:

WE The Blessed Hope. When Jesus Raptures His Church Prior to His Return to Earth (the second coming). At this future moment in time all believers who have died will rise from their graves and will meet the Lord in the air, and Christians who are alive will be caught up with them, to be with the Lord forever. [1 of 4 cardinal doctrines of the A/G]

They may also believe Third Wave Christianity and the New Apostolic Reformation, but it is incorrect to say they don't believe in the pre-trib rapture.

ZIP NOLAN said...

Whatever happened to the concept of religious freedom ? The "progressive left squeal when anyone dares to critique the left's default religion, Islam, but they have no problem launching a witch hunt against Christians...double standards, anyone ?

Whoa, Baby! said...

Zip, interesting perspective that you have. I've noticed that any time someone disparages Palin, he/she is called a "hater." What say you about that?

Whoa, Baby! said...

The left's default religion is Islam? What are you smoking? So if I am a liberal, I can't be a Christian? Sounds to me like you're the hater. What an ignorant remark to make! Who died and appointed you to be God?

novemburd said...

I used to attend AoG churches. I also attended a Discipleship school which had many teachers from YWAM and other dominionist leaning groups.

As Bruce has pointed out, although AoG does have pre-Trib doctrine, it has allowed discipling, dominionist, Third Wave and other teachings to be taught in the churches. This started many years ago and now is considered a part of the unofficial theologies.

The other churches that are right in the thick of this are the Word of Faith churches, the non-denominational denomination Christian Center churches, Vineyard Fellowships and there are a host of other non denominational neopentacostal churches that have been sucked into this errant set of teachings.

And for the fool who said that the left's religion is Islam has not used the brain cells God gave him.

Irv said...

The second-in-command official at the world headquarters of the Assemblies of God in Springfield, Missouri stated that their ministers must PUBLICLY promote the pretrib rapture but that PRIVATELY they can believe any other rapture view. The one who was there and recorded this is journalist/historian Dave MacPherson and he includes the details in his web paper "Pretrib Hypocrisy" which can be found on Google etc. MacPherson has focused on the history of the pretrib rapture for 40 years (his first paper is dated 1968), produced eight book titles (his most detailed and documented one is "The Rapture Plot" - see online stores such as Armageddon Books), and written countless web articles including "Famous Rapture Watchers - Addendum," "Pretrib Rapture Diehards," "X-Raying Margaret," "Edward Irving is Unnerving" (his very recent one), "Thomas Ice (Bloopers)" and "Thomas Ice (Hired Gun)," "Thieves' Marketing," "Appendix F: Thou Shalt Not Steal," "America's Pretrib Rapture Traffickers," "The Newest Pretrib Calendar," "Deceiving and Being Deceived," and (his greatest "bombshell") "Pretrib Rapture Dishonesty." If you want to know anything bad or good about the pretrib rapture, see the MacPherson who's guested on Christian radio stations from coast to coast and many places in between. He's the encyclopedic "Pretrib Answerman"!

Irv said...

I failed to mention that the official Statement of Belief of the AG's does not say they believe in a rapture prior to or before "the great tribulation" or before "the Antichrist. It only says before the "second coming" to earth. Even posttribs can agree to that statement because they believe that they are caught up some time before the earthly touchdown - whether it's seconds before, minutes before, hours before, or even days before; it all depends, from their point of view, how long it will take for God's wrath to be poured out on God's enemies while they are up in the air with the Lord.

ZIP NOLAN said...

"The left's default religion is Islam?"

Yep, the only religion that the Left constantly whitewashes is to explain why ?