Monday, November 2, 2009

Is The Crazy Woman Really a Teabagger?

The sometimes clever, sometimes obtuse, sometimes dismally clueless people who write Sarah Palin’s material for her have come up with their latest"Hoffman, Baby, Hoffman!"

Unlike most of her facebook stuff, she may have even actually written that gem.

Over the weekend, I got several emails from people outside of Alaska. Essentially, they asked, "Does Palin really support the Teabaggers?"


Anonymous said...

Phill some folks in NY district 23 think the Palin freakshow has invaded their area... They surmise she will launch her new party after the election... Using their district as part of the process... heard anything?

majii said...

Yes, Palin is a teabagger. One doesn't ususally associate one's self with a certain group unless one believes in a way similar to theirs, or one sees an opportunity to exploit them for a specific reason. In Palin's case it's probably both. Her greed and vanity have no boundaries.

Anonymous said...

Not with $500 MILLION in gov subsidy to Exxon