Sunday, November 15, 2009

This Week's American Casualties in Obama's Wars

The Pentagon released the names of 7 service members killed in Iraq and Afghanistan:

Army SPC Tony Carrasco Jr, 25, of Berino, NM

Army SPC Aaron S Aamot, 22, of Custer, WA

Army SPC Gary L Gooch Jr, 22, of Ocala, FL

Marine Sgt Charles I Cartwright, 26, of Union Bridge, MD

Army CWO Mathew C Heffelfinger, 29, of Kimberly, ID

Army CWO Earl R Scott III, 24, of Jacksonville, FL

Marine LCpl Justin J Swanson, 21, of Anaheim, CA

According to iCasualties, this brings the total number of allied service members killed in Iraq to 4,680; in Afghanistan, 1,518. During this same week, Iraq Body Count adds another 54 Iraqi civilians killed.

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RoseMontague said...

I continue to pray for those serving in our military and the families and loved ones of those that have been injured and killed. I still think that making a political statement by using the title Obama's Wars is not at all thoughtful, considerate, or appropriate on your part.

Nor do I believe that calling this Munger's List is the correct response on my part. I am just going to ask again that you consider changing the title.