Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Saradise Lost - Book 4 - Chapter 15 -- More Vindication for Progressive Alaska - More Questions About the ADN

Back on September 3, 2008, when Progressive Alaska published Saradise Lost - Chapter Sixteen -- Palin's Views on the End Times, no Alaska news outlet called, emailed, texted or knocked on my door to question the veracity of my claims about Palin's millennialist beliefs. Nor have any of them contacted me since, even after the post elicited over 100 out-of-state newspaper, TV, radio and blog contacts; or when the journal New Scientist named me a 2008 Science Hero, along with President Barack Obama.

Over the past ten days, with the publication of the Crazy Woman's book and her many media appearances, it has become increasingly clear that not only does the information I printed then have far more veracity than Alaska media bothered to uncover themselves, but that the views she revealed to me in June 1997 are part of a package that now endangers our country more and more every day:

In the past I've criticized the Alaska media, particularly the Anchorage Daily News, for minimizing Palin's nutty religious views and nutty political affiliations. Even as a national consensus among progressives, liberals and moderates has emerged that she is indeed perhaps more dangerous than wacky or mavericky, the Alaska media still puts on their kneepads and sucks her off every time they get some face time. The first part of KTUU's "exclusive" interview with the Crazy Woman is a case in point.


Going back through the
ADN's coverage of the CW in their Sunday paper "Who's Up/Who's Down?" niche, the "Ups" far, far outnumber the "Downs." When will these reporters and/or editors do their fucking job on helping out here?

Last chance, Alaska media, before the bloggers get back to getting to the bottom of another one of those Palin messes you left behind for us to clean up for you:


Diana said...

The idea that Sarah calls "right" is the same idea that someone else calls "wrong." The solution that Sarah calls "perfect" is the solution that another calls "unworkable."

The position that you feel is unassailable is the very position that others assail. What will solve all of this? Not attack, that's for sure. And not defense, either.

So what is left? Simple human love. The kind of love that says, "It isn't about who is right or wrong. It only matters that I don't hurt you and that you do not hurt me or others.

We all can learn to grow in our understanding of each other. We can grow our love deeper and reach inside our heart and humanity to find our unity and common bond.

That is our God given right and responsiblity to each other.

elwingdior said...

that magazine in front of her as Wasilla mayor, which she personally chose, is the Con Com magazine of the Alaska Independence Party, the treasonous swine.

Philip Munger said...


Actually it is the Con-Con magazine of a branch of the John Birch Society. She was sending a message. It was her official city council portrait for a while.