Thursday, November 19, 2009

Saradise Lost - Book 4 - Chapter 8 - al-Maleki Can See Iran From His House

Here's an example of clearer thinking when it comes to the Iran dilemma.

And here's Palin's statement from the Barbara Walters interview about "more and more Jews flocking to Israel..."


Wolfe Tone said...

The idea of this woman having access to the launch codes should scare the hell out of anyone.

KaJo said...

I'm sure most people seeing those two videos are simply rendered speechless with amazement that someone who "talks" such policy-wonk talk on her Facebook page can be so stupid in an interview.


Palin herself just re-confirmed that the Couric interview last year was the "real Palin".

Oh, well, it doesn't matter. Palin's fans will still love her, because she's "just like them".


jo said...

You know what she is really saying is we have to get the dam Jews back to Israel so God can send them to hell. That's the only reason "Christians" can't say a word against Israel, to fulfill prophesies, but the Jews will burn in hell. That's a pretty selfish reason for their support.

Michelle said...

I would forgive one mistake - nervousness you know, but TWO? And of course, Hannity doesn't correct her - it would bring attention to the error. I bet he kicked her under the table though!

Martha said...

As political phenomenons go, Sarah Palin is a remarkably unpopular one.

Not that you'd know it from much of the week's media coverage, but the American public as a whole really doesn't care for her:

A CBS poll conducted this month found that only 23 percent have a favorable opinion of Palin; 38 percent have an unfavorable view.

Only one in four Americans wants her to run for president; two out of three don't.

One in four thinks she has the ability to be an effective president; more than 60 percent disagree.

Only 43 percent of Republicans think she could be effective.

An ABC poll, also conducted this month, found similar results: 43 percent have a favorable impression of Palin, 52 percent unfavorable.

A whopping 53 percent of Americans would not even consider voting for her for president, and 60 percent don't think she's qualified for the job.

A CNN poll conducted last month found that even more Americans -- 71 percent -- think Palin is not qualified to be president.

There is, in short, something very close to a national consensus that Sarah Palin should not be president and would not be effective in the job.

That's the "political phenomenon" that is Sarah Palin: She has pulled off the difficult task of uniting 60 to 70 percent of Americans behind a single political position.

That position happens to be that Palin shouldn't be anywhere near the Oval Office, but it's still an impressively large coalition.