Monday, November 23, 2009

Chicago Teabaggers Heckle Woman Who Lost her Daughter-in-Law & Unborn Grandchild

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Wolfe Tone said...

Way to stay classy, right-wing fringe!

pearlygirl said...

wow! Great video. It says it all. I am so sorry that that woman had to go through that. It moved me to tears.

Please send this on to MSNBC and CNN. I'd say Fox but they might approve of it.

But even better would be to congress or the White House itself.

And people wonder how horrible tragedies in history happen---fear and mob rule over compassion and human dignity.

denalibeads said...

The word Patriots clearly needs to be in quotes. Unbelievable.

ZIP NOLAN said...

"It says it all."

No, it really doesn't. This clip is a rather crude piece of propaganda, you know, that doesn't change the fact that more and more Americans don't believe that the Dems' Healthcare plans stand up to scrutiny. The shot of the guy smiling could have been taken from any part of the do we know it was directed at the woman telling the story?
And as for the couple of people heckling her at the beginning of her speech, are you seriously, like, telling me that a crowd of MoveOn or ACORN activists would have behaved differently if the woman telling the story was against the Dem's Healthcare plans ??
Emotions are running high because fewer and fewer of us want this bill to go through but the politicians aren't listening. And as for that "mob rule" comment...c'mon, get a grip ...a robust democracy means we, the people can heckle our political class if we think they're giving us the run around. Remember that dissent is patriotic and us ordinary folks are speaking truth to power.

Yusef Asabiyah said...

The woman was describing a medical emergency which resulted in the death of two people and a 1.5 million dollar unpaid medical bill. The heckling was not a civil,constructive, or reasonable response.

The woman is not a member of "our political class"--she is a fellow citizen and her serious problem is actually widespread and common among the average citizen.

I suspect in a crowd this size it would be unlikely if some of the people jeering this woman hadn't been in exactly the same situation themselves--in other words, destroyed financially by medical expense.

I suspect in our messed-up society that causes people to jeer rather than sympathize--if you jeer, you don't appear to be a fellow "pathetic loser."

ZIP NOLAN said...
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Philip Munger said...


you're beyond loony on this.

Yusef Asabiyah said...

"...are you seriously, like, telling me that a crowd of MoveOn or ACORN activists would have behaved differently "

Ah yes, your favorite tu quoque maneuver. By this I recognize you in your new guise.

I don't know how another organization in another setting and with another set of issues would have responded, but if your point is that rudeness is omnipresent, I will grant it to you.

However, I am not interested or concerned so much with rudeness all over the place as I am with our nation confronting its myriad serious problems with something more approaching the intelligence and dignity of which we are certainly capable. What do we do with a healthcare system which can and often does saddle average citizens with insurmountable debt (1.5 million--unbelievable)? This is a real problem--now as mature men and women let's get on with solving it.