Sunday, November 8, 2009

This Week's American Casualties in Obama's Wars

Major L. Eduardo Caraveo, 52, of Woodbridge, Va.

Staff Sgt. Justin M. DeCrow, 32, of Plymouth, Ind.

Capt. John P. Gaffaney, 54, of San Diego, Calif.

Spc. Frederick Greene, 29, of Mountain City, Tenn.

Spc. Jason Dean Hunt, 22, of Tillman, Okla.

Sgt. Amy Krueger, 29, of Kiel, Wis.

Pfc. Aaron Thomas Nemelka, 19, of West Jordan, Utah

Pfc. Michael Pearson, 22, of Bolingbrook, Ill.

Capt. Russell Seager, 41, of Racine, Wis.

Pvt. Francheska Velez, 21, of Chicago. She was pregnant.

Lt. Col. Juanita Warman, 55, of Havre de Grace, Md.

Spc. Kham Xiong, 23, of St. Paul, Minn.

In addition, the Pentagon has released the names of 9 servicemembers killed in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Army SPC Joseph L Gallegos, 39, of Questa, NM

Army PFC Brian R Bates, Jr 20, of Gretna, LA

Army SPC Adrian L Avila, 19, of Opelika, AL

Army PFC Lukas C Hopper, 20, of Merced, CA

Army SPC Christopher M Cooper, 28, of Oceanside, CA

Army SPC Jonathon M Sylvestre, 21, of Colorado Springs, CO

Marine Sgt Cesar B Ruiz, 26, of San Antonio, TX

Army SSG Amy C Tirador, 29, of Albany, NY

Army SPC Julian L Berisford, 25, of Benwood, WV

According to iCasualties, this brings the total number of allied servicemembers killed in Iraq to 4,677, in Afghanistan, 1,513. During this same period, Iraq Body Count lists 56 Iraq civilians killed. For the month of October, 438 civilians were killed in Iraq.


Durruti said...

Surely the caption heading should read
"This week's American Casualties in The Continuing Islamic Jihad". This is a war that has continued , hot or cold, for 1400 years. It's casualties started in the 7th Century AD and have spread from Saudi Arabia to almost every corner of the world. Whether they were Hindu's in 17th Century India, Buddhists in 18th Century Afghanistan, Jews in the Middle East in any century since the 7th, Christians in 10th Century Spain, moderate muslims in 21st century Iraq and those of every faith in modern London, Bali, Russia, Madrid, New York, Texas, Israel, Egypt, the Philippines, India, Pakistan, Argentina, etc. etc., the victims have died because of islamic jihad. Trying to score cheap political points from a terrorist act is an insult to those who were slaughtered because of an extremist religious belief. Were the Christian schoolgirls beheaded in Indonesia last year by muslim extremists "victims of America's wars?" There is more to this world then the American evil you obviously see in every action...try and broaden your horizons.

Whoa, Baby! said...

Why call it Obama's war? They are G.W.'s and Cheney's wars. I don't get your title at all. I guess we could say the Afghanistan war is the war with America, but Iraq is all Bush and Cheney. Obama merely inherited the mess and is doing the best he can.

Durruti said...

Whoa, Baby! is more correct than they probably know. The current dithering in the administration and the worsening situation in both Iraq and Afghanistan is, sadly, the best that Obama can do. God help America's military.

Philip Munger said...

Whoa Baby,

These wars became Obama's Wars when he took the oath of office as President of the United States. Duh...

Is there something special about this president who inherited wars that makes him different from, let's say, Richard Nixon, who inherited the Vietnam War from Lyndon Johnson? Do you not feel that Nixon should be held account for my friends who died in Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos when he was president? There's no difference from Obama's situation to Nixon's.

Whoa, Baby! said...

I'll buy your logic with Afghanistan, but not with Iraq. Iraq belongs to Bush and Cheney. It is their fiasco entirely. We will have to agree to disagree. And no, I never did think of Vietnam as Nixon's war. Wish I could though.

Durruti said...

How predictable. Yet another Jihadist attack on American soil and the Left are reduced to waffling about Vietnam (yet again). These unarmed American men and women murdered in cold blood at Ford Hood were killed because they ere infidels. They were killed by the same Jihadist mindset that caused the slaughter of innocent civilians in Madrdid, Bali, London, Beslan, New York and hundreds of other places too numerous to mention.

The author throws in "438 civilians killed in Iraq" as though we are all supposed to throw our hands in the air and moan about evil America killing Iraqis. But a simple look at the deaths in Iraq would show that they were almost all caused by Jihadists determined to wreck Iraq's fragile democracy. The same mindset that organizes suicide bombings at markets frequented by women is the same mindset that pulled the trigger on unarmed US Military in Fort Hood.

Whoa, Baby! said...

Anyone know where I can get a crystal ball like the one Durruti has that allows him to see into the mind and heart of the perpetrator of the Fort Hood massacre? Last I heard, the psychiatrist was a mental case who should have been removed from the military a long time ago. Sounds like his superiors dropped the ball. However, not enough is known yet, so I will reserve judgment, especially since the msm tries to shape our thinking while they sensationalize the news.

RoseMontague said...

This is going to be a weekly thing then? I enjoy your blog but this (Obama's Wars title) is like the big fat ugly wart on the tip of your nose.


Philip Munger said...


At what point in 1969 or 1970 did Johnson's War become Nixon's War for you?

Durruti said...

Dear "Whoa Baby !" one doesn't need a crystal ball, one only needs to actually read up on the killer's background and actions over the last few years. He considered himself a Muslim first and an American a poor third (he stated that his nationality was Palestinian although he was born in the USA). He expressed admiration for suicide bombers, he attacked "America's war with Islam", he attended a radical mosque at the same time as the 9/11 attackers, he gave out Koran's on the mornng of the attack and told a neighbor he was "going to do God's work " (according to the Koran, killing infidels is part of God's plan). Not ONE SINGLE other US doctor or therapist has "gone crazy " and murdered American troops because of second-hand Post-traumatic stress. The reason the US Army didn't remove this man from duty was because, like yourself, they were paralyzed by Political Correctness. No-one wanted to be the first officer to draw attention to this man because they knew they would be accused of "islamophobia" or "racism".

RoseMontague said...

Philip Munger said...


At what point in 1969 or 1970 did Johnson's War become Nixon's War for you?

Nixon had the "Nixon Doctrine" and America had the Vietnam War. Perhaps it may have been called Nixon's War during the 18 and one-half minutes "accidentally" erased from the Watergate tapes. We may never know.