Sunday, November 29, 2009

PA Arts Sunday - Part One -- Steve Covers the Upcoming AIFF

Steve at What Do I Know? has been writing about the upcoming Anchorage International Film Festival, in a series of nine articles - so far. In some of them he either links to or embeds important material about the presentations at the festival. His articles give the films and their categories a lot of context.

I meant to mention Steve's AIFF coverage at PA yesterday, in the Alaska progressive blog roundup, because some of the films at the festival are about science areas important to Alaska.

Steve covered the important movies, A Sea Change and Tapped, on Wednesday. Here are the trailers for both films:

Sea Change


Steve has posted the schedules for all the films he has covered. The combination of elements presented in Steve's essays are a great example of what a serious web page can bring to the table when it comes to informing people about important upcoming events.

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