Monday, January 12, 2009

CNN's Howie Kurtz and Panel Take on Palin's Attack on the Press

I'll have more on this later today, but meanwhile:


clark said...

this can't be going over very well at ADN, eh.
final 60 days for Seattle Post-Intelligencer

Annette said...

Pretty good...I think she may have messed in her nest just a little..

Philip Munger said...


I'm on a mail group with a lot of Seattle writers on it, and they've had a pool on what day and hour this was going to be announced. I wonder who won...?

Anonymous said...

What a whiner and a bully! The press allegedly knew that she was pregnant but said nothing for months. The ADN was respectful of her. That she didn't tell us then suddenly "popped out" a baby with a very strange story about a doctor giving advice after her water broke over the phone-- what's not to second guess? Has she listened to how reckless and stupid her story sounds? It's un-flipping-believable! Some part of that story is wrong.

Now she is eschewing federal monies for projects and Mark and Lisa are having to go around her-- I suppose the press will be bad guys again for reporting this? (Luv ya, Diva!)

The press loved her and they wanted to say good things about Palin. she just failed them by being so. . . so Sarah!

clark said...

the P-I: 146 years of publication. man. no matter how you feel about the present state of journalism in america, or william randolph hearst... we should stand at attention and salute as that ship sinks...

Philip Munger said...


I agree. I learned a lot more from the PI when I lived in Seattle than I did from the Times. Could you write a guest post about their legacy for PA?

mpb said...

Is Palin a more polarizing VP than Spiro Agnew (nattering nabobs), who won governorship only because he ran against an arch segregationist?

"The 1966 Agnew-Mahoney campaign was certainly one for the record books. Mahoney, a perennial candidate, won the Democratic nomination with roughly 30 percent of the primary vote, dividing the party before the general election. The situation worsened for the Democrats when Mahoney decided to position himself as a segregationist.

His campaign featured the slogan 'your home is your castle,' which the Supreme Court used in an equal-housing decision, and Mahoney was appealing to the segment of voters who opposed that, said Lou Panos, a columnist for Patuxent publishing who began covering Annapolis in the 1950s. Much of the moderate to liberal Democratic factions sided with Agnew."

Philip Munger said...


Is Palin more polarizing than was Agnew?

My parents lived outside Annapolis when he was elected governor. I would come up from Ft. Eustis, VA, where I was stationed whenever I could visit.

I remember Agnew was polarizing as governor, but didn't pay very close attention. A couple of my black friends from MD's families voted for him. Others didn't.

He was more polarizing as VP over war and peace issues, than over segregation vs integration issues, IIRC.

I've said here that Palin is very polarizing, and I don't think you're disagreeing with that. I had never thought of comparing her to Spiro Agnew, so I'm going to think on that some more. It is a fascinating comparison, though.

GinaM said...

The funny thing about Palin is that SHE has been the one to mention Trig not being her child. Why does she bring attention to something no one else in MSM has publicly talked about? Very strange.