Wednesday, January 14, 2009

My Osama bin Laden Daily Kos Poll

I posted a poll at Daily Kos about 30 minutes ago.

It asks people to comment on whether or not they've seen valid "proof of life" information on the world's most famous terrorist, since early 2002.

It also includes this poll:

Is Osama bin Laden:

doesn't matter
don't know

You have to be regestered there to take the poll or comment. But you can look at the results at this link.

Update - 11:45 p.m:

alive -- 18% -- 31 votes
dead -- 47% -- 81 votes
doesn't matter -- 16% -- 28 votes
don't know -- 17% -- 29 votes


Annette said...

I cannot believe that someone actually made the comment Palin saw him driving a cab in NY... that will be her next statement to the I saw your comment and commented under

Heaven help

Philip Munger said...

Annette - yup!

She can see his cave from her house.

Anonymous said...

So if Osama is dead, does that mean the danger of terror is past? Is he the only one to worry about?

Philip Munger said...

anon @ #4 - The danger of terror has always been present, always will be present.

Do you feel that if OBL were dead, "the danger of terror" would be past?

Anonymous said...