Friday, April 30, 2010

We're Hosting a Fundraiser for Diane Benson Saturday, May 1st - Come Join Us!

Judy and I are hosting a fundraiser for Diane Benson Saturday. She is running for Lieutenant Governor, in the Democratic Party primary.

Diane will be here to answer questions about the job she hopes to do.

Music will be provided by members of UAA's award-winning small jazz combo, and we'll have Alaska treats and refreshments.

4:00 to 7:00 p.m.

7127 Ea. Shorewood Drive
Wasilla, Alaska

my phone is listed in the Wasilla phone book, if you need more help finding our place.

images - Diane Benson with Bob Poe - AKM; Diane Benson with Ethan Berkowitz & Diane Benson with Hollis French - Tony Vita


Anonymous said...

Phil, we'd love to come, but our grandson is having his birthday tonight, so we are already committed. I do hope lots of people show up, though. Diane is such an outstanding candidate.


Anonymous said...

You can still send money even if you can't attend

Anonymous said...

Yawn. Rather we put time and money into races we can win (in the state house and state senate) rather than wasting our efforts on races we will most certainly lose.

Anonymous said...

'We' ?


With the degree of apathy creeping out of your post., I doubt 'we' has any relevance.

Time and money ? You ? Sure. You're a one person enterpriser, for sure.