Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The Anchorage Steinway Gallery's 1876 Centennial Piano Reproduction

This is the wonderful piano, upon which Juliana Osinchuk played one of the most stunning concerts I've ever attended, last Sunday. Her Chopin recital, given to a packed house at the Steinway Gallery, was notable, as I wrote in an Anchorage Daily News You Be the Critic column, for its "shocking unambiguity."

After the concert, I played a little bit of a Domenico Scarlatti sonata on this piano. I could immediately see why Juliana had been so inspired.

The piano was created to look like the Steinway made for the 1876 American Centennial Exhibition in Philadelphia. The major differences in this, compared to the 1876 model, are the inclusion of all the technological improvements Steinway has come up with over the succeeding 133 years.


Chris said...

Beautiful instrument!


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