Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Saradise Lost - Book 4 - Chapter - 63 -- "Palin's TLC Show 'A Disaster'"

Cenk Uygur has written about this in more detail at the Huffington Post.

Let's hope the show ends up being a total disaster for anyone thoughtless enough to sponsor it. I'd like to see TLC and the show's sponsors to lose at least $12 million.

Here's a site where you can sign a petition "Stop Sarah Palin on the TLC Channel." I don't want the show cancelled. I want it to lose money and force a big drop in the value of TLC's owner company stock.


Chris said...

I think the real news story here is that anyone watches TLC... :-P

freeper said...

Did you imagine you'd be viewed as irresistibly witty in that imaginary reality show you conceive yourself to be acting in?

freeper said...

The television producers already know that illusion and spectacle is what the majority of their audience crave, telling them you're in that very small minority who reject illusion and spectacle won't have much effect on the producers.

There's little point to appealing to the producers, but there is another method to voice your disgust.

It's much more effective to let any advertisers know that they've badly misjudged and misspent their ad dollars in a way that will negatively effect them and their merchandise.

Letters and call to the advertisers, calls and letters to the advertiser's investment managers, and letters and calls to large outlets carrying the advertiser's merchandise can carry considerable weight if you care to send a message.

The exodus of major advertisers from CNN's Glenn Beck time slot demonstrate this strategy very well.

Chris said...

Hrm, fair enough. I did some research and TLC's Nielsen ratings are higher than I thought! I guess DW and I are not in the target demographic...

I was actually kind of hoping that Palin was being relegated to a cobwebby unviewed corner of the cable world.

Anonymous said...

Chris just regrets that Palin's message can't be delivered by someone who is viewed as more credible than Palin.

Chris likes Palin's message, he just wishes Palin would have been more successful in delivering it.