Tuesday, April 6, 2010

A Good Election Day (Anchorage) Laugh from Tom Tomorrow


AKjah said...

And Anchorage is "nonpartisan" well i guess as now it's Xtians against everyone else.

Anonymous said...

If Tom Tomorrow has evidence of the so-called "racial slurs" supposedly used by the Tea Party why hasn't he claimed the $100,000 reward for providing proof of the said slurs ?

The Left's answer to facts....SCREAM RACISM !! at the top of their lungs !

womanwithsardinecan said...

As compared to screaming REVERSE RACISM, NOT REAL AMERICAN, SOCIALIST, MUSLIM, DEATH PANELS, ARMAGEDDON, ETC. at the top of their lungs? lol.

freeper said...

Anon @ 4/6 7:21pm

There is no question that the evidence has been shown to be extent.

I've got your evidence right here, and it's not the only conclusive evidence laying around.

You 'could' send that $100,000.00 to me right now,

...but as you know, that offer is as fictitious and improbable as your contention that there is no rascism emanating from within the ranks of the so-called tea-partiers.




Make believe and fantasy might rule your narrow consciousness, but too many people dwell in the real world to take your existence seriously.

clark said...

extAnt... i'm sure that's the word.