Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Complaint Against Alaska Republican Party Meddling in Matanuska Electrical Association Election Accepted by APOC

Lazy Mountain resident and Democratic Party activist Carolyn Covington's complaint against the Alaska Republican Party, regarding the upcoming MEA Board election, has been accepted, according to an e-mail I just received from Covington. Additionally, APOC has agreed to expedite the complaint. The election is scheduled for April 27th.

The complaint was covered last week by the Anchorage Daily News, but more detail emerged by the time the Mat-Su Valley Frontiersman covered this Monday:

Covington, who is running Katie Hurley’s campaign for re-election to the board, is crying foul — or trying to — over an e-mail sent from the Alaska Republican Party urging people to vote for Robert Doyle, Hurley’s opponent.

“It’s a Web mail,” Covington said. “When it is a Web mail they have to pay for that. That means that they have expended funds in a public utility’s election, which they are prohibited from doing.” Non-profits can influence utility co-op elections, but parties are barred from that kind of activity. Repeated attempts to reach Doyle on Friday and Monday failed as of press time.

The e-mail that prompted Covington’s complaint contains an Alaska Republican Party banner as well as a disclaimer that the e-mail “is being forwarded to you in the spirit of sharing information at the request of the candidate and should not be construed as an endorsement of the candidate by the Alaska Republican Party.”

But Covington pointed to a couple of things that belie that disclaimer.

First, she said, Doyle asks that recipients call their friends and ask them to vote. But, more importantly, he signs off with a plea for donations.

“It’s not too late to make a contribution to my campaign!” he writes, before passing out his mailing address.

Covington said that while this may seem like a tiny infraction, “He has not gotten any money directly from the Republican Party but he is benefiting from the Republican Party.”

And that, she believes, is against the law.

This is the first time that the Alaska Republican Party has used these kinds of resources to attempt to influence a utility board election.

image - Carolyn Covington (PA)


AKjah said...

Goes to show that even in small things, even in the smallest community, we have to pay attention to the details. Now i will keep my eye on this story.

Anonymous said...

Isn't this part of the "Reclaim the 7 Mountains" doctrine?

Where the religious far-right gains control of every aspect of society?

School boards, utility co-ops, advisory boards, corporate executive suites and non-profit boards, etc. etc.

We need to monitor the Jerry Prevo's of our state to make sure they aren't mixing their proselytizing with their politics. If they are, more power to them - but no more tax exemption or grants.

Frankly, I think they've already won. By the time we're wise to them, their already so embedded there's no getting rid of them. I'm sure its as simple as a private google group that so brutally streamlines their religious and political objectives.

AKjah said...

Hey look local activism and shoes to....boot. The BS never ends.

Anonymous said...

Chickenshit complaint

freeper said...

Good luck to Carolyn.

The Repugnant Party has long stuck their noses into what are supposed to be non-partisan elections in Alaska.

They're corrupt. It's their nature.

And speaking of Repugnant Alaska corruption:

That corruption in the Repugnant Alaska legislature hasn't gone away,

...it's still being practiced, it isn't even hidden anymore.

It's front page news and everyone seems to be ignoring it.

The news today out of the Alaska legislature is that they're paying to set up a Houston Texas company and pay the costs of that Houston Texas company's business.

Think the state will get the profits ?

Nope. The Repugnant majority in the legislature just figures they should spend our money setting up private business so those private businesses can go on to make their profits.

The private business owner is quoted as saying he's thrilled the state is going to pick up most of the costs for his business.

(gee whiz, I would be thrilled too, if the state was picking up most of the costs of my business, .....wouldn't you ? )

He says that the state picking up his business costs and paying them for him is going to make it easier for him to sell his business plan and borrow even more money.

What the hey, right ? The banks will undoubtedly lavish money on him since the State of Alaska is paying the costs of his business.

Do you suppose any of the local 'tea-baggers' are demonstrating about this ? You know who I'm talking about, those folks who say government shouldn't be intruding into their lives.....

Do you suppose any of the corruption watchdogs are making sure this sort of political payoff isn't happening anymore ?

Ha ha ha ha ha ha .

Instead of making their payoffs in hotel rooms, they now cut the checks right out of the state treasury and make the deals right on the floor of the capitol building with press releases announcing the deals.

It's a libertarian's dream come true.


I've got a question for any business owner reading this right now.

Are most of your business costs paid for you by the State of Alaska ?

If not, ...why not ?


Anonymous said...

I looked up that bill.

That guy from Houston could get 75 million dollars.

McGuire, Waggoner say they sponsored this give-away in the Senate version.

Chenault in the House.

Don't know who all signed on to be sponsors.

But it wouldn't hurt to look at the donation list and see if there are any matches.

jim said...


I guess you're not a business owner?

Sure doesn't sound like it.

freeper said...

Leave it to jim. I've come to expect idiocy from jim, and there it is again.

See, jim is arguing that tax money, public money, 75 million dollars in this case, should be given to one 'businessman', and not used for the equal benefit of all Alaskans. It's not even going to the benefit of all Alaska businessmen, no, jim thinks it's fine to just give it to this one guy.

In jim's world, the state treasury should be spent in a form of crony government where the lobbyists act to funnel public funds to the highest bidder.

His ludicrous and irrelevant nonsense about trying to make the assumption, (false by the way), that I'm not a business man because I reject crony government is nothing if not fatuously idiotic.

This meat-headed nonsense of jim's is childish, juvenile and without any rational or logical justification.

Unlike jim, I believe if public money is to be handed out to business, all business should have an opportunity to benefit equally.

In this case, there is no bid process, or impartial process. This is a form of 'sole source' give-away performed in the same manner in which war profiteering Halliburton looted the federal treasury by being granted sole source contracts by the Bush/Cheney administration.

Crony corruption, ....jim likes crony corruption.

VECO was recently just indicted, along with some legislators, for corruption, those guys played this same kind of crony government scam that jim is now endorsing.

The more we see of how jim's mind isn't capable of grasping the simplest of concepts, the more light is shown on how he arrives at his other idiotic notions.

jim describes himself as a liberal.

That's a joke.

Every time he advocates or indicates what he supports by way of policy, it's the exact opposite of anything that can be considered to be reflective of a liberal position.

jim's attempt to pass himself off as a liberal is a fraudulent charade, transparently ludicrous and idiotic.

jim said...


You're a business man? What business would you succeed at? Can you be more specific? (I doubt it).

Business folks work hard and don't have nearly as much time as you seem to have for your long-winded abusive insulting diatribes. First get a life, second, good luck with business. I've got a business and I'm successful. I'm an artist. I'm in museums. People see my stuff every day. What do you sell? Any examples of your products, hypocrite?

Since you could be dangerous, I'm not going to tell you where examples of my business can be seen. However, Mr. Munger knows that I'm tangible.

What do you do? Claims are easy.

Let's get personal. What's your name? What's your business? What do you sell? Let's see your stuff.

I suspect you may just be a loud mouthed imbecile loser who makes fraudulent claims.

jim said...


If you're so smart, why can't you identify yourself? Why can't you put your name behind your stupid insulting cowardly words? Are you just too pathetic, disingenuous, and retarded? (I've already figured out the answer to that question-- yes, and you are even dumber than the most retarded schizophrenic pre- neanderthals, not to mention today's spruce hens).

You are so prehistoric, you can't even numbly identify yourself. Who are you, you stupid, drooling idiot? Can you even utter your miserable name?

Anonymous said...

I should apologize to other readers, but this neanderthal needs to know personal degrading insults go both ways. Just wanted to creatively give him a taste of his own spit.

jim said...

The previous message was from Jim-- Don't know why it came through as anonymous.

freeper said...

....run along jr, you've got nothing to offer but your insecurity.

You should know by now, I'm not interested in holding your hand so you can learn to cross a street.

(Besides, I couldn't be sure if you even have permission to leave the yard)

You've shown that you're incapable of addressing context, ( not even your own ), you can't provide any objective or quantifiable evidence to back up your fallacious and false assertions.

All that you've got is your over-imagined sense of your own importance. There's nothing to it.

That playground mentality schtick is new though,

....the self delusional vision of yourself as the playground tough-guy.

That's hilarious. It's perfectly in tune with the rest of your puerile burbling due to the arrested development you've suffered.

In your mind, when you're beating up your virtual bad guys,

...do you make 'BIff, Bam, Pow' sounds ?

That's an incredibly complex fantasy your building.

I do have a question though,

.....when you were choosing which fantasy action hero was going to play your part in your fantasy, why would you choose that character to be so moronic and idiotic ?

Those other roles must be occupied on some other web site where you've conjured up another image for yourself.

Let me know when you learn to address your own false assertions and wrong assumptions.

You should learn that relying on fantasy isn't ever going to get you out of that fantasy.




jim said...


In summary:

You've indicated I've got nothing to offer but insecurity; you're not interested in holding my hand (Thank God); you're not sure if I have permission to leave the yard; I've shown I'm incapable of addressing context; not even my own, I can't provide any objective or quantifiable evidence to back up my "fallacious" and "false" assertions; All that I've got is my over-imagined sense of my own importance which there is nothing to; (can't figure out your statement about playground mentality schtick being new?? Huh??) I'm self delusional as playground tough guy?? Huh?? That's hilarious?? (then you go on to state it is perfectly in tune with the rest of my puerite burbling to the arrested development that I may have suffered as I excelled and eventually obtained my graduate MFA degree in college).

Question-- how far did you get in school, smart guy?

You go on to say I'm beating up on virtual bad guys (I must admit I love shooting up guys on the WII but I haven't done that for a year or so-- I did make BIFF BAM POW sounds but I got bored because killing the enemy wasn't much more inspiring than swatting bugs in June).

Answer to your question (about choosing which fantasy action hero was going to play my part in my fantasy and why would I choose that character to be so moronic and idiotic): What the hell are you talking about? I couldn't possibly answer such a stupid paranoid delusional question. God you're nuts. Get help.

Buddy, I'm into reality, not fantasy, and instead of me checking in with you after I've "learned to address my own false assertions and assumptions", you should call a shrink tomorrow and get an appointment as soon as you can.

Cheers, best wishes, and try to spend less time writing vile crap. Call a doctor. Jesus.

freeper said...

How far did I get in school ?

Well beyond the point where you lost contact with reality.

So you traded in your Wii fantasy play for fantasy play here, it's like I said, for all the roles you could have chosen for yourself in your new fantasy, why do you suppose you chose to come off so moronic and idiotic?

You wouldn't recognize reality if it slapped you upside your head.

And I didn't suggest I cared to hear how screwed up you'd find your false assumption were you ever to apply any critical thinking, I already know the assertions and the assumptions are false.

Confession time with jim isn't likely to be stimulating enough to hold my attention.

Care to attempt to address any context in this thread besides your insecurity ?

I didn't think so.....


jim said...

Confession time? Are you a PRIEST???????

That would explain everything, especially your need to vent and lash out especially in these pressured times.

Father, I still don't know how far you'd have to go in school to become one of them or how smart you really are.

I must admit I was captivated by my WII for a while after I learned that instead of killing the bad guys, if you shot them in the foot they'd hop around and curse. So I was challenged to see how many guys I could shoot and get to hop around and curse at once. I think I got up to 8 or 9-- you'd look out and there'd be all these guys hopping around all over the place and cursing because they'd all been shot in the foot. Funny as hell, but even that got boring after a while.

Give my regards to the Pope.

freeper said...

You cannot even remember what it is you brought up from one moment to the next.

8 or 9, what you 'got up to',

that tracks with everything else.

Topped out and has been regressing ever since.

I wouldn't give your regards to anyone, not even a pedophile protecting pope.

jim said...

Bless you Father for you have sinned.

jim said...

Father, you can't even say how far you got in school. Frankly I don't think you're all that bright.

freeper said...

You're opinion is already proven to be based on assumptions you can't provide any evidence to support.

Try going back to the bleating, at least with the bleating you don't get tripped up in your own malaise and it's just as relevant.

Tell us again how your vision of crony government is a liberal concept you wish to advance and defend.


jim said...

Teaching government to you would be like trying to intellectualize a bleating goat-sheep crossbreed-- it would be a complete and utter waste of time, idiot.

freeper said...

You couldn't teach finger painting, let alone attempt to grasp any more complex concepts.

Teach governance, when you say the policies that brought the nation to it's economic knees are sane policies to adopt for the future?

But I can imagine you'd attempt to 'intellectualize' goat bleating.

Bleating has proven to be one of your fortes.

Tell us again how we ought to adopt the policies which led to economic ruin ?

You're at your best creating your own paradoxes.


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jim said...

You're the goat who brought bleating up--You know all about bleating. You're the furry fool.

If you weren't so pathetic I'd teach you a thing or two about painting. I can teach anyone a thing or two about painting, even bleaters like you. You have no idea who I am. I haven't met you, but I've got a pretty good idea of who you are, goat boy.

freeper said...

I brought your own bleating to attention, I don't know all about it though, you were as unable to convey any sense when you were bleating than when you attempt any other form of communication.

So now you think you've impressed yourself with your expertise at painting ?

Paint me a word picture which explains how we ought to adopt the same economic policies which led to failure ?

You keep avoiding your own proposals.

I don't blame you, they are insane.

But you still insist they aren't, you just can't seem to articulate your insanity.


jim said...

You're too nuts to even articulate insanity.

jim said...

By the way, Goat Boy, I'm pretty sure I've impressed myself at painting. I know a thing or two. Been there, done that-- just like you and goats.

freeper said...

Impressing yourself is sure to be your best quality.

It's the one undertaking you've shown any proficiency at.

( your obsession about goats must be deep seated, you can't help referring to it.. )

Is your goat obsession topical ?

Can you show a relation to the context of the thread ?


jim said...

Freeper: Again, you are a vile right wing parasite mole. Anyone needs more information? Google Freeper.

What a sack of shit.

Anonymous said...

Nope, just as is expected, context is not a capability jim possesses.

Oooooh, and jim the virtual reality tough guy say's 'sack of shit'.

Did you learn that yesterday ?

Did you do the google to find it too ?.


Anonymous said...

Why have you divorced yourself from your name, stink butt? You chose the name; I didn't. You abandoned yourself, K Street Boy. Can't you just identify yourself as Freeper? Don't you have any pride? What a butt stinking conservative extremist coward. You're a loud whining sack of shit.

Anonymous said...

stink butt ?

did some other child on the playground teach you that one ?

Screen shots are invaluable tools.

need some more help with the context of this thread ?

,,,,all threads ?

(nah, all you're interested in is your own insecurity )

good luck with that...

Anonymous said...

You've been flushed, K Street Boy. You are damned by your name. Just look it up. Bye. And Good Luck to you too, you pathetic hypocrite.

Anonymous said...

Poor jim, he can't find a way to make his fantasy be a reality.

In Tinkerbell, all they had to do is clap louder...

Have you tried that jim ?


jim said...

Freeper: speaking of making fantasy a reality, why can't you identify yourself by your assigned name?

Why don't you just call yourself Freeper, you anonymous wimp?

Anonymous said...

Despite your fantasy of believing you have any ability to control anything outside of your disturbed imagination, I'm right here.

And I should ask again, do you have anything to offer besides manifestations of your insecurity ?

Nothing ? Apparently not, that's all you've got...

Context ? A foreign concept as far as jim is concerned.


Anonymous said...

Beware of "Freeper" who has often posted here and is now posting anonymously:

From Wikipedia:

"Free Republic is a moderated Internet forum, activist, and chat site for self-described conservatives, primarily within the United States.[1] It presents articles and comments posted pseudonymously by registered members, known as "Freepers"

Anonymous said...

Poor poor jim, he's insecure....


too bad he can't address anything but his insecurity.