Thursday, April 29, 2010

Late April Thursday Miscellany

Here are some miscellaneous pictures from last night and today:

A bird Mooch the cat brought into the house. The Dark-eyed juncos are back:

Tomato and Pepper starter plants that I'm giving away to blogger friends, next to the tuba, in the back of the Outback:

One of six rows of garlic, coming up in the main garden:


dianedp said...

I put out 4 tomatoes in an upside down planter this Monday. The next 2 days it snowed!! Luckily I wrapped in plastic and nothing happened.
Do you have to cover the tomatoes?
What zone are you?

Philip Munger said...


The tomatoes stay inside the greenhouse for their entire lives. We're in zone 3b.

Anonymous said...

I got to thinking about a week ago that I MIGHT be able to do some peas and onions in the cold frame. Since then it has snowed each day and had mostly temps in the low 20's.
Guess 'spring' will have to wait!!


Anonymous said...

It's never a good idea to put out transplants, unprotected, until the winds of May are over, or plant seeds until the ground warms up a bit, even if it seems safe...or you get helicoptered plants...I am impressed with the garlic though, I didn't know if it did well up here, but from the looks of things at your place-wow

Philip Munger said...

we planted the garlic in September