Friday, April 9, 2010

Palin - Obama "Escalated a Minor Zoning Decision into a Major Breach"

Here's Sarah Palin this morning at the GOP conference in NOLA that has yet to mention Hurricane Katrina:

"A minor zoning decision"? Here's a video that explains the history of what the former mayor of Wasilla has described is these quaint terms:

And here's a map that shows how that "zoning" has worked in the larger area of the former Palestine Mandate, since 1948:
In her Friday morning Southern Republican Leadership Conference speech, Palin's intentional mispronunciation of "nuclear" as "nukular," - or however one spells it - is as troublesome as her belittlement of the beginnings of the most important nuclear arms agreement in a generation was the other day.

I've seen Palin's cold eyes, as she told me that the world is a mere 6,000 to 7,000 years old, that humans and very, very big dinosaurs walked the earth together (presumably before the Noachian Deluge), and that she looks forward to seeing Jesus return to Earth during her lifetime.

I've long been critical of our Alaska media's refusal to openly condemn or even chastise Palin for inciting divisive conduct and activities up here. But now, with George Stephanopoulis' insinuation of this superstitious pathological liar into dialogue with the President on nuclear armament, without putting the craziness of this woman and her beliefs into context, the same irresponsibility regarding Palin I've seen in Alaska for years, is coming front and center into national politics.

Her ability to misframe issues was proven in the "death panel" issue last summer. Will we see the national media's desperation for hits and viewers, combined with their realization that Palin brings more hits and viewers than anyone else, cause the same sort of damage to the national discourse her presence inflicted upon Alaska up to last year?

hat tip - Shannyn Moore


Anonymous said...

Sarah's gettin more lamestream, too big and failin government creds. . .she thinks those doors are openin and she's boldly plowin through to make her mark. She smells blood in the water and thinks she's going in for the kill.

It's going to backfire on her when she (and the media) realize that she can't do all this behind the curtain (FB posts, Fox News sets, and one-way speeches) without being able to follow through with all those facts and figures she thinks don't matter. It don't matter to her peeps, but it do matter to that large independent voting block that think financial oversight, arms reduction and international affairs matter.

If Sarah doesn't have the balls to go one on one with a real reporter or policy wonk, she truly has to sit down and shut up. Alaska's own Mike Doogan outed a reasoned and factually intrepid blogger for having the audacity to anonymously influence major public discourse for a lot less. MSM, you can do a lot better.


akbright said...

"If you're going to be crazy, you have to get paid for it or else you're going to be locked up."
-Hunter S. Thompson

(I think this about sums her actions up)

Daisydem said...

Phil:is there something you can do. I know you know her. You say you have seen her cold eyes when she speaks of some things. Is there anything you can do? We need to get her off the national stage as soon as possible.

Anonymous said...

Of course she wouldn't mention Katrina, it would have happened exactly the same way under her watch too - you could see her and Todd's scrawl on the brief, "Not a government responsibility." (Just like her first arbitrarily reasoned hatchet job on the first state budget the Legislature submitted under her Administration.)

Just like the energy crisis in Western Alaska last winter. That the state was filling its coffers with $100+ a barrel oil costs but her villages still had to import peak price petroleum products for rudimentary third world energy use wasn't her problem (in her nice big warm house.)

She wasn't just lost in her notes when she slighted Joe Biden's tearful moment considering the loss of his wife and infant. She wouldn't acknowledge the 25 (possibly 29) coal mining deaths in West Virginia last week. . .she's a sociopath - they don't have feelings. Just inarticulate sound bites.

AKjah said...

What i dont understand is why there is not 50000 IRS agents storming up her ass and her whole fam damily. The Obama administration must not see what a potent piece of shit she can be.

And if she likes Israel so much why not move there? Oh yea they shoot terrorists.

Anonymous said...

She is a one trick seditious handjob trick pony...I can't wait until the FEDs arrest her!
Until then STFU Whore of Babble one wants to hear your manic drug addled bs.

Anonymous said...

The comments on this post are hilarious and dead on... :-)

Anonymous said...

One of SP's favorite tricks is to misframe an issue by minimizing or maximizing it in 4 words or less.
Calling the mess in Israel a "minor zoning issue" is to make light of policies which affect millions of people similarly to the way she made light of the plight of thousands of our neighbors in Western Alaska last winter... when she finally got around to paying any public attention to what was going on.
We made terrible messes for ourselves during the cold war turning a blind eye to what "allies" were doing... over and over...
Is she really asking that we continue to do so?
Or is this just another sound byte opportunity for she-who-won't-speak-to-any-but-the-same?