Thursday, April 29, 2010

Alaska's Foremost Composer Awarded the Nemmers Prize

Fairbanks composer John Luther Adams has been awarded the 2010 Michael Ludwig Nemmers Prize from the Bienen School of Music at Northwestern University. Along with a $100,000.00 award, Adams will give master classes at Northwestern, and the Chicago Symphony Orchestra will perform and record the work during the 2010-2011 season.

John is the fourth recipient of this fairly recent prize. The previous recipients of this biennial honor were the other John Adams (I call John Luther Adams the real John Adams) in 2004, Oliver Knussen (2006) and Kaija Saariaho (2008).

Congratulations, JLA!

Mike Dunham from the Anchorage Daily News, has more. The best article on John's recent work by a major American music essayist and chronicler, was written by the New Yorker's music critic, Alex Ross, back in May, 2008, titled Song of the Earth.


jim said...

I have known Adams is important for a long time, but one of the reminders occurred in Paris in 1995 when I saw his stuff featured in a music store there.

jim said...

Also, places like Fairbanks and Homer are special. For whatever reasons these environments stimulate creativity-- been there, done that.

Kelly Walters said...

yeah yeah yeah...congratulations and all that.

I do wonder...if Adams ever took a stand on Israel and called them out on their untenable policies...would he still have won this award??? It is a reasonable question.

Hindu Kush, by Phil Munger, ought to be submitted for some award somewhere!

Phil has been black-balled by the national and international music community because he had the guts to call BULLSHIT (both on his blog and in his music) on Israel!