Monday, April 19, 2010

David Rovics at the Resurrect Gallery in Seward

I drove down to Seward from Wasilla Sunday, to hear and meet protest folksinger, Davids Rovics. It was my first trip to Seward since traveling there twice when the Kalakala was docked there in early October, 1998, undergoing Coast Guard inspections, before being allowed to travel on to Puget Sound, where it remains to this day.

While there in 1998, I took the picture at top left.

I get to Homer, Soldonta and Kenai at least once a year, but Seward? Hardly ever. I've been to London twice since the 1998 trip.

It was a rainy drive most of the way, but signs of spring crept all the way to the tops of the Kenai range passes, where the wet snow was mixed with sheets of rain, and the creeks are building with melt-off.

The Resurrect Art Coffee House Gallery is a small, comfortable venue for a minstrel whose message is as directly intimate as is David Rovics. There were about 20 people there, which is a full house.His songs ranged from the Irish Battalion in the U.S. - Mexican War, to the coal mine disaster of two weeks ago, to the Lincoln Brigade in the Spanish Civil War, to beauty - as seen through kids' eyes, to obsevastions about the avant garde arts neighborhood where Rovics now lives in Portland Oregon.

Here are youtubes of two of the songs Dave sang in Seward:


Anonymous said...

Now that you're back Phil, I wonder if you could elaborate on your claim that Ron Paul reaches across party lines.

There's a concise run-down of his legislative record and a few of his major advocacy positions in the comments a couple of posts back.

It's here:

Could you relate how Ron Paul's record jibes with your claim that he reaches across party lines ?


Also, if it's not too much bother, could you respond to the request for clarification in this other post you put up ?

This one:

jim said...

Rouvics has powerful lyrics but with art too.

I'm not sure if the Resurrect Cafe folks are the same who have owned Kayakers' Cove? Kayakers' Cove is beautiful and next door to Rockwell Kent country.

My family lived in Seward from the teens until the 70s. Seward was mainland Alaska's big city with a good ice-free port and the Alaska Railroad, but it was too topographic for full scale airports or sprawl. Hence Anchorage.

freeper said...

I see the state of Alaska joined with the other tea-bag controlled state governments trying to take Health Care Reform to court and have it overturned.

Nice to know that Parnell and company think you should be denied basic health care.

Another of Palin's legacies, ....the Parnell pretend governor term.

Alaska government is, by and large, run by morons.

In Alaska it's not government of the people for the people.

It's government by the morons with the rabid and mentally imbalanced approval of other morons.


jim said...

With all the morons that you've described in the world, I'd wonder who aren't morons? Rather than describing morons, could you please describe who the non-morons are? What assets do they have to make them apparently similar to you?

I don't envy them.

freeper said...

So I call Parnell a moron and you come here to defend him ?

Rather than I describe every trait that defines the morons that are in power in Alaska government.

And since those traits are a regularly reported phenomena and I hardly need recount it for anyone but you,

how about you tell us what traits Parnell possesses that would make the moron label unfitting.

Other than that, your pretentious bullshit is pitiful.

Anonymous said...

I often don't agree with him, but I think Parnell is smart. Many conservatives are. Rabid doesn't describe the guy at all-- he's quite calculated. So you are way out there-- he is not a moron, he is not "rabid." He's experienced and calculated.

You are naive.

Anonymous said...

Experienced and calculated won't disqualify someone from being a moron.

He's just an experienced and calculating moron.

You failed to show Parnell wasn't a moron.

You failed utterly in giving any evidence that I am naive.

Attempting to remain anonymous, didn't prevent your failure...


jim said...

For what it's worth, from Wikipedia:

"Moron is a controversial term once used in psychology to denote a category of mental retardation.[1] The term was closely tied with the American eugenics movement.[2] Once the term became popularized, it fell out of use by the psychological community."

Freeper-- so you're a pop culture guy too? Apparently this may be a "popular" term but not one preferred by its originators anymore.

Hey buddy: What's YOUR definition of "moron?" Please clarify. I'd love to know. What do you know?

freeper said...

Wrong again, moron.

It's from the Greek term for foolish.

And I have yet to see anyone who is more foolish than you've repeatedly demonstrated yourself to be in these comments.

Your pal Chris comes in a close second.

And now that I've responded directly to your request, you can respond to all the requests for you to explain your moronic and false assertions.

Or do you think you should be granted your double standard that allows you to complain about what you yourself practice ?

No evidence yet that you hold to the standard you claim everyone else should be held to.

But I'm not surprised at all, you've brought nothing of any substance yet, and it's doubtful you'll start .

And I ain't your buddy. Your buddies probably have as little honor or integrity as you display, and are likely as deluded and moronic as you've shown yourself to be.

Run along and find someone to impress with your wheedling and whining, your insecurity doesn't impress me, and nothing else you've got impressed me either.

Take your fraud back into your imagination where it arose from. You've got nothing.

jim said...


Oh it's from the Greeks! Whew! It's not modern english! Who'd have known? I didn't realize you were Greek-- I'll notify their authorities so they can put you on their watch list.

Good job with Google! Wow you can look stuff up! That's cool. Cool.

jim said...


Also, with all the countries in the world, why did you single out Greece?

How about Argentina? South Africa? Iceland? Or the United States of America?

Perhaps because you're nuts.

freeper said...

You've only revealed how utterly childish and insecure you are by blithering like an eight year old brat.

Even an eight year old should have the benefit of an education though, so:

moron ~ noun

from Gk. (Attic) moron, neut. of moros "foolish, dull" (probably cognate with Skt. murah "idiotic;" L. morus "foolish" is a loan-word from Gk.). Adopted by the American Association for the Study of the Feeble-minded with a technical definition "adult with a mental age between 8 and 12;" used as an insult since 1922 and subsequently dropped from technical use. Linnæus had introduced morisis "idiocy."


The reference to Linnaeus is a reference to the founder or 'father' of binomial nomenclature:

The value of the binomial nomenclature system derives primarily from its economy, its widespread use, and the stability of names it generally favors:

The same name can be used all over the world, in all languages, avoiding difficulties of translation.

Hence moron is recognized for exactly what it means.

And it's source isn't in question.

Moron denotes foolish, dull, idiotic, feeble minded, and an adult who suffers from a condition of arrested maturity, prohibiting that person from mental acuity beyond a range of the average 8 -12 year old.

All indications you've provided demonstrate that the label was fittingly and properly applied.

Why you want to continue to provide confirmation of that actuality is something perhaps you'd like to reveal ?



Anonymous said...


freeper said...

he's reduced to simple bleating...

jim said...

Blaablaablaa: Speaking of simple bleating, You really should see a professional who could help you.

freeper said...

Jeebus, he bleats and suddenly it occurs to him to refer to his own bleating.


Anonymous said...

Beware of "Freeper" who has often posted here and is now posting anonymously:

From Wikipedia:

"Free Republic is a moderated Internet forum, activist, and chat site for self-described conservatives, primarily within the United States.[1] It presents articles and comments posted pseudonymously by registered members, known as "Freepers"

Anonymous said...

Jim copied and pasted in every thread he had the capacity to find,

...I'll bet he's thinking he's impressed himself again.

Context is lost on jim, his insecurity is all he's got.


Seems it's all he ever had, and all he's likely ever going to have....