Monday, February 11, 2013

Help the Alaska Democrats Stop SB 80 - Join the Phone Banks!

From Zack Fields at Alaska Democrats:

Big news in Juneau today: The State Senate delayed a vote to repeal the 2006 citizens' initiative on cruise ship sewage releases.

The legislature would have passed the bill today if so many Alaskans hadn't called and emailed the legislature to express their outrage about Parnell's bill (HB 80)--thank you to those of you who have spoken out already.

The battle is far from over: 

On Wednesday at 11am the Senate will consider this bill again, and the final vote could be close. Please stay active and help stop this bill.

In Anchorage, there will be a phone bank at 406 G Street Suite 212 both tonight and tomorrow. 

Show up from 5:00-8:00. Call 868-9023 for more information or to get a call list if you don't live in Anchorage.

Advice from Cokk Inletkeeper:

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