Saturday, April 2, 2011

Watch Sen Wielechowski Eviscerate Parnell's Oil Tax Hoax - 9:00 am on KYES Channel 5

Please watch Moore Up North SUNDAY for a great informative program on HB110 and SB49. Can the state really afford to give $2-$3 billion per year away with no guarantees of increased production? What if the production increased by 10%? That would still not make up anywhere near the loss in revenue. When ACES passed, Senator Ted Stevens brought home the bacon. We are now without those necessary federal funds. ACES made up that shortfall.

Please watch this incredible program!


Watch Senator Bill Wielechowski eviscerate Governor Sean Parnell’s plan to provide $2-$3 billion in corporate welfare to the most profitable multinational corporations in the history of civilization-and at least one of them, Exxon, paid ZERO in federal taxes last year despite record profits!!!

SUNDAY, APRIL 3rd, 9am KYES Channel 5

Educate yourself-MUST SEE TV!

image - Bill Wielechowski by Jeanne Devon


AKjah said...

I think we should hold people at gun point if need be to watch this.....You know i am laughing right. And the last post-dang nice stove man..

Anonymous said...

I have an idea for could actually TAX your citizens, so they are paying for their own know, as the rest of us in America do?

alaskapi said...


Big oil and gas doesn't begin to pay for everything in Alaska nor does federal money though both contribute mightily to the overall picture.

Alaska communities have a broad array of ways to organize and run their business which is different than most other states.
As a unfiied home rule community we have more rights and responsibilities to provide for ourselves than is common in top-down organized states.
Revenue sharing from state exists but is very different than most other states.

Individuals , depending on where they are, fund a fair amount of their local government.
In my community we pay property tax and 5% sales tax on all goods and services including food, excluding medical services. We keep the money here and duke it out about how to spend it.
Some home rule communities charge sales tax on rental properties, including apts and some have a seasonal higher % charged for sales of goods.
I pay roughly 10% of my gross income in local taxes.
So, get off that soapbox .