Friday, April 15, 2011

Our Friend Vittorio Arrigoni Murdered in Gaza

The young man credited by some with resurrecting the International Solidarity Movement in Gaza, was murdered Thursday by his kidnappers. Originally, it was believed his abductors and murderers were the Saudi-financed radical Islamist sect, Salafi, who have been involved in similar kidnappings in the past, but Friday, their "leader," Iyad Ash-Shami, denied involvement, and a previously unknown group, The Brigade of the Gallant Companion of the Prophet Mohammed bin Muslima, has taken credit for the murder.

"Vik" was close to many of my friends. Here's Max Blumenthal, who is a close friend of the progressive Alaskan bloggers, letting Vik talk about what got him involved in helping Gazans:

And here's Huwaida Arraf, of the ISM, being interviewed about Vik this morning on Democracy Now:

Long live Vittorio Arrigoni. The 2011 Gaza Freedom Flotilla has been renamed Stay Human, in honor of Vittorio's book about the 2009 Israeli invasion of Gaza.

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