Friday, April 15, 2011

Blogging With Steve's OLÉ! Class

On the most beautiful day yet this April, my friends Mel, Peter and Kellie are subbing for Steve Aufrecht's class on blogging. The class, held in the USS Rasmuson Building, is sponsored by Opportunities for Lifelong Education (OLÉ!).

I wrote the following during class, as I created the beginnings of this post, to help them understand some technical issues:
His class have some great questions and we haven't been stumped yet, but there's plenty of time left.

Next subject is embedding HTML links. Mel Green wrote a post earlier today that introduced all of us, through links to our sites.

More coming....
It was great working with Mel, Kellie and Peter, and I think Steve will feel we were a good choice for substitutes. Steve is the person, more than anyone else here in Alaska, that inspired me to start a regular blog, so I was repaying part of a longstanding debt. After the class, the four of us agreed that we learned a bit from each other and from the students.

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