Saturday, April 30, 2011

The Paradox of April - Part III

I call Cottonwood Creek "Wasilla Creek" on the video. Wasilla Creek doesn't even come close to Wasilla, but Cottonwood Creek runs right through it, including feeding Wasilla Lake.

Hopefully, the community cleanup will deal with this mess, eh?


AKjah said...

Holy crap Phil. Is this from down wind from the land fill? Or maybe across from Walmart? Have not seen something so ugly since i was in the townships of South Africa.

Philip Munger said...

It's between JTS and the Alaska Club.

clark said...

a plastic bag ban would be a good start. think i'll send a link of this video to my state reps with just such a suggestion.
you should make it to jim creek sometime and shoot some footage there. ;

Laura said...

Anchorage Waterways Council leads the Creek Cleanup in Anchorage every May here in the Anchorage bowl. They have sponsered this event for several decades and it has been very successful in keeping our waterways clean. Perhaps it is time for a Wasilla Creek Cleanup team? It just takes one person to contact them and recruite a few team members -- go to Anchorage Waterways Council website if you are interested.