Thursday, April 14, 2011

Joe Miller: Tea Party Favorite in Idaho & Kansas - Not So Much of One in Alaska

The Flint Hills Tea Party? Yes, there is one. They even have a web site.

I'll be asking questions about Miller at my annual polling of Tea Partiers in Anchorage on Friday, and in Wasilla on Saturday. Any suggestions on what Joe Miller questions I should ask?

Miller has been conspicuously absent from the right-wing public forums in Alaska since his resounding defeat in November.

It is interesting that the Tea Party Patriots, so actively present in Alaska last year, thanks to outside money (see Flint Hills owners for details) only lists an April 15th tax protest event in Fairbanks on their national calendar this year.


Anonymous said...

Yep, Flint Hills Resources (in Kansas) is part of Koch Industries. Wonder what the money trail (or link) looks like .......

honeybabe said...

idaho and kansas don't know miller like we alaskans do. give them time to enjoy all the lies and greed.

Anonymous said...

Ask Joe how that DropZone Security idea is working out. Better since DZBill is now rumored to be a government infiltrator of the Alaskan right wing extremists? Instead of being suspected of being one himself?

Very unsubstantiated rumors have DZBill warning various persons about certain of the arrested. You could ask Joe if he got a warning like this. Maybe the D.Z. guys were performing a different role for Joe than those speculated earlier. Could that have something to do with the silence since the election?

Ask him about his speaking schedule.