Friday, April 1, 2011

RT TV Covers MSNBC as War Hawks

I'm agnostic so far on our intervention in the Libyan Civil War. I had almost forgotten that Phil Donahue was fired by MSNBC in the lead up to the Iraq War.


jamie said...

Maybe the name of this blog could be changed (“Progressive-ish”) if sitting on the fence about the US taking on a third war is up for debate. There are probably less agnostics in foxholes than there are atheists.

The hypocrisy of President Obama’s hopeful, charismatic relativity in murdering more and more people, and perpetuating the global military orgy is depressing and disgusting. Case in point: 100,000 refugees and 1,000 people just killed in the current Ivory Coast conflict. Too bad it’s obviously harder for the United States to tell all those black people apart from each other, versus just simply bombing the shit in successive turns out of all the brown folks. More likely there just isn’t any profit in arms sales or oil to make it worth our while. Or maybe it's too many instead of not enough for us to wade right in.
In the meantime we have “I refused to wait for the images of slaughter & mass graves before taking action” – please, give us a break.

Not a single other liberal blog in Alaska has so far even bothered mentioning Libya, for or against, with the exception of some flaccid cheerleading in a couple instances. Picking the Quitter’s low-hanging fruit is evidently much easier.
Given Progressive Alaska’s stance on so many other issues I honestly wonder what the quandary could possibly be over another war, maybe it would merit a future post.

Philip Munger said...


From what I'm learning today, I'm about to stop fence-sitting. Thanks for the encouragement.